Glorious Saturday

First of all. Last night, it rained. Rain makes me happy. It was a good start for today.

And then, well, I’m going to jump the chronology here a bit because I’m a happy Trojan.

Like the text I sent to Amy the Gridiron Goddess…HOLY Sanchez Batman!

Mark Sanchez. Once that boy got going, he GOT going, didn’t he?

Yes, another squeaking victory. But consider that the entire offensive line is the back-up players and some of them are even the back-up of the back-up players, plus a brand spanking new QB, we did okay. Thank god, our Defense held even without Maualuga. [ETA: Amazingly, Amy the Gridiron Goddess said almost the exact same thing I said here over there.  LOL.  Now you see why we’re friends?]

And I made it home to watch the end of 2nd quarter all the way through the end. Yes, I REALLY need to watch my Trojans for us to win.

Where was I this morning? Well, that’s the second point that make today glorious.

Brandon had a side job out in the Palos Verdes Estates. Our client is hooking up his brand new house to an entertainment system that is wired into the internet and all that jazz. I lost count of how many flat screens he has in the place. But then again, I was busy hanging out with the guy’s lovely wife, their adorable 13-month-old baby little girl Mia and my new boyfriend Jake, the most lovable doggy in the whole wide world.

Jake followed me out of their house and looked longingly at me until I got into the car. That boy loves me! Well, I did give him the attention he has been missing since the baby arrived. Plus a few sessions of doggy massage. When we go back next week, I’m bringing him homemade doggy biscuits. And the Absolutely Weevils Cookies for the Client. He, like many of our friends and my husband, too is addicted to my baked goods.

Our clients not only love us for Brandon’s fabulous IT skills, but for the cookies that I bake. Hey, at least you KNOW they want to continue being your clients at least for the cookies. That’s good enough for me. 🙂

Now, on my 4th day of adding Adsense, I have $0.33 in the bank. Haha! No, it’s nothing to look at, but eventually all those cents from the ads and $1 each per Siamese Pixie purchase will add up to $10 and that’s another $10 donation to Thai Red Cross. The donation from YOU generous folks of the Blogosphere. I am just a vessel for your good karma.

And speaking of good karma. Finally, the cake topper for today. Hallmark is now a (Product)RED. Finally, a product I can actually afford! Hooray!


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