Magic Combination

I found a way to escape it all.

USC lost to the Ducks today.  (No doubt my brother’s wife and my dad, both U of Oregon alumni, are doing the happy dance for a change…after a few years of me rubbing it in.)  Mark Sanchez did fabulous job.  But in all seriousness, the Ducks were just way too much for our still gelling team.  I don’t want to hear it.

The weirdness of mentioning my mom’s death to new friends.  Still makes me feel a bit hollow inside.

And a long-ass work week, a prelude to an even longer 10 days ahead.  That drains me more than I thought.

Oh…and a bit of a celebration of the 80% completion of my Jedi costume top.  So hooray for that!

To hide from reality and for a bit of celebration, all one requires are the following:

  1. The Teddy Bear Couch.
  2. A few glasses of Bordeaux.
  3. And a few good TV shows on the big(ger) screen TV.   Ah…Stargate Atlantis, Torchwood and Top Gear.  DVR, how I love thee!

Oh, and half a bar of Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Truffle thrown in there for good measure didn’t hurt anyone.  It goes SOOOOO well with the Bordeaux!

I am now temporarily escaped from reality and feeling pretty good.

Tomorrow, I have dishes to do, a video I possibly have to go over to our Video Guy’s office to take a look at, and putting the finishing touches to my Jedi costume.

But right now, it’s me, Teddy Couch, and Brandon figuring out the X-Box 360.

Oh yeah.  Our living room transformation is NOW fully completed with today’s big purchase.  After weighing the options between that and a PS3, we went with the X-Box 360.  More games for B and more bang for our bucks.  PS3 that is backward compatible doesn’t really do much more if all we were going to play would be the PS2 games.  X-Box expands the playing field in the other directions while keeping me happy on PS2 with Karaoke Revolution and Star Wars Lego.  Besides, like Brandon is going to abandon his Final Fantasy games!

So yes.  The Escape Room aka Living Room is just THE place to be right now for me.

Well, until the wine runs out…then the bed IS the place to be.  Heeheee….

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  1. Cliff   •  

    Xbox was a good choice. But Brandon better not become some Console..Noob! PC will ALWAYZ PWN Console!!

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