Went to bed when I wanted to.

Woke up when I was good and ready.

Getting ready to do whatever I want today.

Ah….the start of a WONDERFUL at-home vacation!

Actually, this would make my first week off of not going anywhere ever.  Usually, I’d be in Red River with Brandon’s family or back home in Bangkok.  Never once I have taken this much time off to just be here.

My coworker Dave, a world’s traveler, tried to talk me into jetting off to Cambridge and visit Elan for the week.  And I did seriously thought about it.  I can be in London for about $900.  But for that amount, I could go to Bangkok just in time for the high school reunion my Mater Dei girls are putting on on Saturday.

Cheaper yet, I did think about going to New York and crash with Nalin, or up to Oregon and hang with Cheech.  You know, leaving on Friday morning and coming back on Tuesday to beat the crowd.

But I don’t know about tossing my money into the wind like that.  Not especially after the living room upgrade we just did.  After all, we want to be out of debt.  Sure, it’ll be a carpe diem moment I will never ever forget, but boy will I have to pay for it afterward.

Anyways.  So I’m going with the original plan of just hanging around home for once.  Maybe a weekend trip down to San Diego would cure my onset of cabin fever which I KNOW I will have by Friday.  Hahah!

But it’s MY vacation at the moment. I’m just going to let everything go whichever way it wants to go.

Now, I think I’ll go take a bath.  🙂


  1. Amy   •  

    Happy Thanksgiving my friend!

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