Spring is here…?

Of course you know how us Southern Californians are weather wussies.  For the past month, we had the coldest and wettest of winters we had in a while.  You know, may be 5 days of rain and temperature of mid-high 50s during the day.

Then Friday arrived with the low 70s.  Saturday was practically spring.  And today is just like any other summer day.

You know just how warm it is going to get by how quickly the beautiful and snowy San Gabriel mountains–thanks to the recent storms–disappears from my neighborhood’s horizons, swallowed up by the wall of haze and smog.

But I didn’t expect the weather to be so warm on Friday!  Nora took me to see Wicked as my birthday and Christmas present, and I thought my impending cold was going to kill me by the end of the night.  As it turned out, high dosage of vitamin C and Airborne was doing a good job on its own, and the warm evening helped some more.  I had a fantastic time.  The music was great and the leading ladies were AMAZING.  (Can’t say the same for Fiyero though.  I had a different mental picture for him and this actor just doesn’t quite fill those shoes for me.)  And, tada!  The cold didn’t manifest after all!

The weather was also clearly on James & Aurora’s side yesterday as they solicited help from friends to deep clean their house in preparation for the arrival of baby Peanut Dresden.  J&A provided pizza.  The friends provided extra cleaning supplies and labor.  I supplied extra encouragement in the form of a sun tea jar full of Mai Tai and a jug of the virgin kind for the Mommy of the house.  It was truly a great day to do such a huge job.

It’s amazing how much more enjoyable cleaning the house is with some Mai Tai you can sip through out the day, I tell ya!

Today?  Another glorious day!  I did my version of spring cleaning so far with taking my donations to Goodwill and finally taking all my bottles and cans to be recycled.  Brandon opened up the house and once I’m done here, I’m going to finally clean out my office.

Yeah, I know. I said I was going to do it a few weeks ago.  But you know me.  I tend to hibernate when it is cold out.

I can assure you I’d rather be on the couch for the rest of the day again this weekend, but my schedule is not going to allow any more free time for quite a while more.  Besides, keeping me busy doing other things would give Brandon a chance to be “alone” without me actually leaving the house.

We got news yesterday that Brandon’s cat Christmas, the one that his mom kittynapped from him when his parents moved out to New Mexico years ago, maybe at the end of her 18-year run.  A kidney failure sent her to the vets, but as of this morning, she was still hanging in there.

Christmas was his companion for many years (before the kittynapping)  and has always been our long distance pet.  When we’re out in New Mexico, she and Brandon are almost inseparable.  So, this news is not one that is easily digested.

But hopefully, if all goes well, Christmas might come out of this sickness and hang around a few more months.  At least, we hope to see her when we go out there this year in May.

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