Oh Babies!

The season has begun.

Please head over to congratulate Beth Fish and Chris Rude Cactus with the new addition to their family Owen Gregory “Wally”.  The ever so adorable Mia Bean has a little brother!

Following Beth/Chris/Mia’s footsteps, within the next few weeks, I have 4 more pregnant friends due.

I’m not sure who’s going first but I think James and Aurora go first with Dresden William “Peanut”.  Then Nan and Mike are expecting a baby sister for Owen.  Then Celeste’s brother and his wife will welcome their son Noah, a baby brother to Sadie.

Coming in last is Shane’s sister Toni and hubby Eric with a baby boy.

I’m pretty sure I’m leaving someone out of this list. I mean, 5 babies in a span of a month! What was in the water last June?

All of these new birthdays are adding on to the already crowded March. We already have 7 birthdays in March.

It’s going to be an interesting month.

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