And Phoebe’s here too!

Mike and Nan and Owen welcomed their newest addition, Phoebe Akiko, yesterday, March 15 at 10:26 a.m., weighing in at 6 pounds 12 ounces and 18 inches long.

This marks the end of the baby season for me until May when Shane’s sister Toni and husband Erik will welcome their little boy.

Oh, and actually, there WAS one more baby on my list this past month.  My friend Jen’s little sister Erin welcomes baby girl Payton a few weeks ago.  I KNEW there was one more pregnant friend!


James was over at the party at Paul’s house last night.  Last night was his last one alone in the house before the household of 2 becomes 3 when Aurora and Dresden return tonight.  He recounted the surprisingly easy delivery.  Dresden might have held out 1 week past his due date, but boy when he was ready, he WAS ready.

James said while they were waiting, the nurse asked Aurora to do some practice pushes.  After a couple of them, Dresden crowned and surprised the heck out of everybody.  Needless to say, Aurora was told to halt any and all pushing until the doctor arrived.

When the doctor arrived, he told her she was doing great and to give him a few pushes.  At the second push, Dresden’s head was out and, of course, it was the doctor’s turn to be surprised.  Only a few more pushes and Dresden was completely out.

At this point, one would start to look around and see if someone was sitting on that “Easy Button”.

Greg, Dresden’s Godfather, 6′ 2″ with shaved head, walked through the door of the delivery room to share the news with the family waiting outside.  James’ mom, who didn’t know that Greg was in the delivery room, quipped, “Good lord, this Dresden kid is HUGE.  James and I will need to have a little talk.”

So far, James reported that Dresden only fusses when he’s not swaddled, and he seemed a bit irritated with the mittens they put on his tiny hands.  Them tiny but long nails are problematic for the kid so far.  Dresden turns bright red when he’s upset and his eyes seem to bulge out when he cries.  James says he looks like he’s going to explode, but at least it was really easy to see a crying fit coming.

The new parents here are in good hands though.  Their friends Jim and Karen have two kids, a 4 year-old and an 18-month old, and they live less than a mile away.  James’ mom will help baby sit a couple of days a week, and friends all over are helping out all they can.  I sign on to be one of the provider of dinners, so I’d better get cooking this week.

It’s fun being an auntie, I tell ya.  🙂


By the way, I added the Q&A page to “The Whole Story”.  Got inspired while on Vanity Fair’s website the other day.  Check it out.

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