Hope is all you need

Justin and Olaina are going to become my neighbors.  In a sense that they will be less than 25 miles away.  Justin will be attending UCLA Harbor for his residency.


I was wishing with all my might that Justin would get to San Francisco.  That is the program he is excited about.  But deep down, I wish they don’t move too far away.

The long wait for Olaina is over.  And being somewhat local still is a good thing.  They won’t have to make new friends all over again because old friends are still close enough.

Oh.  This is just awesome, AWESOME news!


The driver’s side car door handle broke off last week on my car after Brandon spent the weekend installing the new handles on the inside of the two front doors.  Oh, and the “Check Engine” light just now came on.  Murphy’s Law, really.  Brandon thinks we might consider buying me a new car before we have to sink a lot more money into Merlin.

I enjoyed 8 years of his 12 year life.  Merlin has been an excellent car for me after all I’ve put him through.  Perhaps it is time we retire him.  Who knows.  We’ll talk about this more later on.


We are still waiting to hear from Brandon’s sister Jacqueline.  Jacqueline found a lump in her breast and is now going into a biopsy to determine what the lump is.  Please send her some good mojo.  As you see about my glimmer of hope that J&O would not move so far away, a little bit of hope can go a long, long way!


Olaina was telling me about this issue in her life.

Oakley: I think of it this way. I’m weird. I KNOW I’m weird. Other people are just too normal to understand all this and therefore they’re weird to me.

Olaina:  So. You’re weird…

Oakley: Indeed.

Olaina: And I’m weird…so we’re weird…

Oakley: That’s why we get along so well!

Olaina: But those people are NOT normal.  They’re beyond weird. They’re all fucked up in the head.

O: Dibs!

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