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I clipped this cartoon out of the back of Real Simple magazine years ago by Monica Sheehan called “Be Happy”. (Now available as a book, among a few other of her books.) I had it framed back then and it was essentially buried deep into the pit of my den. Upon the recent discovery of the piece, I made copy and framed it for Olaina.

The frame is now sitting on my new desk; its twin sister on Olaina’s dresser and occasionally follows her around as she works. Since I am in support of Ms. Sheehan’s good work, I’m not going to reprint that piece here. But I am going to do my own interpretation: her words, my pictures. I hope this inspires you as much as it has for me.

ETA: OMGBBQ! The REAL Monica shows up here to leave a comment! I am truly honored. And thrilled!  It’s always an honor to have the people you speak of shows up to comment like last time.

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BE HAPPY…by Monica Sheehan

Have a sense of wonder


Stay inspired


Help others


Do things you’re good at


Read books – RIP both Christmas and Thumper.


Limit television


Love your work



Picture 089

Face your fears


Believe in yourself


Stay close to friends and family

DSC_0222 IMG_0727

Let your heart be your guide



  1. Monica Sheehan   •  

    Hey! Just wanted to thank you for piece on your website. I AM
    Monica Sheehan!…and just wanted to let you I made that cartoon into a little book. It seems to making a real connection with people all over the country. If you’re interested it’s published by Running Press and is available at Barnes and Nobel and Borders (and Amazon too!)
    be here. be happy.

  2. Olaina   •  

    just dusted and replaced it on the WALL behind my dresser. Planning on having her follow me around tomorrow on my day-without-leaving-the-house (except maybe for food. getting hungry, not sleepy. sucks)

    but yay happy friends! 🙂

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