Phototastic Friday: Me and my Moo

Since everyone seems to have a special, regular Friday feature, I think I’m going to just join in.

Welcome to the first edition of Phototastic Friday where I will feature a photo I have taken (or in some cases, Brandon of me) recently or one from my Flickr album. There maybe a story. There may be not. But there will always be a photo on Friday.


Me and the Chick-Fil-A Cow at the mall.

We went to see Hancock last night. I actually LOVE it! I know the critics and the reviews have been all WTF about the “twist” in the middle of the movie. Yes, it was a little jarring and it did take the movie to a different direction, but the twist makes perfect sense to me. I actually think the story there was awesome.

Oh, Charlize Theron. Gorgeous. GORGEOUS. It’s ridiculous.

Finally, So You Think You Can Dance. Kherington, that girl seems to just have given up once she was paired with Mark. Her solo dance to save her last night was uninspired, as if she’s already given up the night before. She really wasn’t stepping up. It was really weird since she was one of my favorites.

And Gev, my darling Gev. Had a feeling between him and Mark, the audience would let him go. As much as we adore him, but I think Mark would be hanging on just fine.

My prediction from this point. The girl we’ll have Katee. We’ll lose Comfort first but it’s a tough call between Courtnie and Chelsie who’d go next, but I think Chelsie would stick around. For the boys, I think Mark would be next, then Joshua. It’ll be Twitch and Will to the death. I think we’ll end up with Will and Katee at the end and that’s a very tough call between who gets the first prize. I’m all for Katee though.

Ah. I love summer. With all the movies. And the dance TV shows!

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