I AM a hobbit

I’m small. I like to sing. I like to dance. I like to drink, and at times drink more than I should.

Except for the hairy feet part. I think I am a hobbit.

Especially now that I realize I eat like one.

I really do eat like a hobbit during the week at least the first half of the day.

First Breakfast: One Yakult and gummy vitamin. (James turns us on to these. And we’re addicted!)

Second Breakfast and Elevensies (more like Ten-ies): One choice for each of the meal, and I usually don’t eat the same thing. A small cup of Special K, one mini frittata I made on the weekend (eggs, bacon, cheddar and tomatoes, baked in muffin tins), a banana, a few pieces of apple slices, or a wedge of the Lite Laughing Cow cheese. Occasionally, along side that, I sip either a big mug of English Breakfast tea and milk, or a decaf, tall, soy latte or iced Americano with milk. But that cup would last through out the day.

Then I have regular lunch.

Afternoon Tea: Would still be sipping the tea/latte from the morning. (And more times than I would like, I couldn’t finish it.)

Then I have regular dinner.

No supper though.

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