Take me to your leader

Water on Mars!  WATER ON MARS!

I am such a geek.

Oh, and the alien in my eye also hatched today.  The corner of my eye by my nose is still swollen and red but virtually painless at this point.   Yeah, tear duct infection turned out to be more of the infection of my eyelid by the same alien that used to live in my nose, it seemed.

Let me see how many times I have been on antibiotics this year.  There’s the the original nose alien in January, but I actually didn’t go to the doctor for that.  Then there’s the February flu and sinus infection.  And then another nose alien in April.  I’m starting to wonder if I have a weird bacteria living on my skin or something.

Anyhoo.  I’m off to be a third wheel at Beachwood BBQ with Paul and Lupe unless Aurora shows up with Dresden, that is.  🙂

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