Half Way There

Hello from Taipei Airport!  Brandon and I have 3 hours to kill to board the plane to Bangkok.

We walked the airport end to end to kill time and, well, stretch our legs out.  We found Hello Kitty playground and daycare.  It is 5 a.m. and nobody else made it out this way from their flights yet.  I was very tempted to go play on the slide thingy.  Haha.  Obviously nothing is open so we finally had to settle down at our gate.

However, I must say that life in the transit lounge is so much better with a laptop and internet connection.

The flight across the Pacific was fine.  Not sure what new plane we were on but my god was there ceiling room in this thing!  With many days of odd sleep pattern and stress, after the shot of wine they served with dinner, I was out like a light.  Oh, a good travel pillow (aka my beloved commuter pillow) makes a LOT of difference too.

So far, I’ve watched “Wanted”, bizarre and over the top but a lot of fun…the ending, however, kind of crappy, then”Mama Mia!” which I’m sure is a hell of a lot better on stage than on screen, and finally, “Wall-E”.

Now the decision becomes “Tropic Thunder” or “Dark Knight” on the next flight.

How are y’all doing?


  1. Amy P.   •  

    I just got back from Bangkok last night. 🙂
    You’ve got to be taking the same airline I did – I watched the same movies and saw the same Hello Kitty playground in Taipei!
    Looking forward to your Thailand updates.

  2. Mam   •  

    I am GREEN. Are u on economy-deluxe? Nice…
    Have fun in Thailand Na Ka. Looking forward to beach &food pics.

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