Phototastic Friday: Monday Edition

A lot has happened since last weekend. But most of them captured in photos.

First, last Saturday we had the photography meet up in Lancaster with #Phototwop (@captures) for the Poppy Reserve hike and the Poppy festival.  Unfortunately, we were much too late for the poppies except for a few patches on the side of the road.  We still had a great picnic and a maniacal hike up a VERY windy hill.

The next day, Brandon and I and his friends hit the Renaissance Faire as civilians.  Armed with our cameras, we got our Ren Faire photo bugs out of our system.  So when we returned this past Saturday all dressed up we didn’t have to fumble with the damn things.

The Civilian visit, we went with 3 people.  The Dressed Up visit, it was a huge group with Aurora, Justin, Olaina, Wyatt & Eli (@phraktyl & @phraklet), Annette (@dananner) and her two kids and a friend, AND Amy & Pete and the twins.  We had lunch together before dispersing through the Faire at our own pace.  Olaina was kind enough to take our pictures for the day.  (I think Annette has some too.)

And yes, after 4 years at the Faire, I finally figured out how to not get sick of dehydration the day after.  One mead, one water is the winning formula!  So yes, I consumed quite a bit of mead in the past week. 🙂

And somewhere in the middle there, I went to my final cooking class (which I will add to the series soon), had dinner with a couple of newly engaged friends, and hung out with Justin & Olaina.

The busy continues starting tonight with a drag show fundraiser for my friend Greg, office potluck tomorrow, one more cooking class (not part of the original series) on Wednesday, and then spacers being put in my teeth on Thursday followed by midnight show of Star Trek.


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