Reality Check

USC’s last week loss to Oregon could be blamed on me. The Trojan superstition was in full swing on Halloween night.

Hey, all a Princess Leia Zombie have on her were booty shorts and a bra. I surely cannot go without the bra!

But then again, Bill Plaschke of the LA Times finally threw a big ass bucket of cold, hard reality at Uncle Pete and his Trojans this morning.

What’s he’s saying here…and has been saying…is something I’ve been feeling since the start of this year.

We have not been the Trojans we know. However, we have been doing pretty awesome for a rebuilding team.

Why is it that some people are afraid to admit the fact that we ARE in a rebuilding year?  They expect the whole new coaching staff and a brand new team to perform like past years?

What brand of delusional crack are you smoking?

I mean, we lost the entire coaching staff and a butt load of great players. Our new QB, although he’s proven to be quite an ace for all the 3-minute period that he’s on fire, definitely needs seasoning.

Our defense wasn’t turning anything over.  3rd down is now a horror picture show.  Our kicker probably has more field days than any past years.  Our offense wasn’t going anywhere fast most of the game except for a few spurts when they all decided to wake up.

Oh, and the MAJOR noticeable downturn for the Trojans: we are no longer the 2nd half team.

We used to come out of that locker room after half time ready to kick ass and eventually take names.  Now, we come out and flail all over the field, holding on to dear life and possible sacrificing a few chickens somewhere behind the benches for Jobu to grant us more lucky breaks  to escape the disaster just one more time.

We are not the Trojans we were.

This year’s team has surprised me long enough with the lucky escapes.  The loss to Oregon definitely pulled the curtain off the masquerading Wizard of Troy.

It’s the loss that humbled everyone.  The team. The fans.

Have I lost faith in my Trojans?  Never. Have never done that even through the Hackett years.  I might not have been so proud then, but I for one have never boo’d my own team unlike some of these bandwagoning, fair weathered Trojan so called “fans”.   (I did yell “Suck it, Hackett!” a lot, but never once boo’d the players.)

I still have faith.  This year may not be a championship year, but hey, we didn’t do so bad so far.

Get it together, Trojans and Trojan TRUE fans!  We have the year to finish.  Finish off this season and work through the year to find your groove.

Next year, come back better, stronger. Asses will be kicked.  Names will be taken.

Fight on!

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