Going Cougar

I am not a Twi-hard but I am willing to go cougar for Taylor Lautner.

I haven’ t read the book nor have I seen the first film but from New Moon trailer, I am Team Jacob all the way, baby.

Besides, it comes down to that Werewolf v.s. Vampire debate.  Who would you rather have, a vampire or a werewolf?

Not counting Taylor, my vote has always been for a werewolf.  Why? Let me count the ways!

  1. He’s alive. Duh.
  2. He eats like normal people. If you can’t share my love for food, you can’t be here.
  3. He’s warm. Yep. I need that.
  4. He’s definitely not  going to be skinny.
  5. You can actually have a normal life with the guy during daytime AND nighttime. Hey, I’m old school. Don’t be talking to me about Daywalking business.  Unless you’re Blade, fuck you and the whole vampires sparkling during daylight crap.
  6. He only goes “native” once a month.  And us girls KNOW exactly how to handle that time of the month moodiness. Ain’t that right, ladies? 😉
  7. He has a tail.
  8. He’s comfortable going around naked. 😉
  9. What if I get scratched and become one? That’ no problem. I’ve always wanted to have a tail! 🙂

Now yourself.  Werewolf or vampire? Jacob or Edward? Taylor or Rob? Take you battle to the comments!


  1. Traci   •  

    Here’s the deal… {spoiler alert! spoiler alert!} he isn’t a werewolf. But you’d have to read the books to know 😉

    That said, he is a good guy & I think the rest of your list is valid.

    For me? True Love, whatever the flavor. Of course, it’s hard to read the books and not fall in love with Edward along the way.

  2. Irena   •  

    Sadly, Stephanie Meyer has taken some liberties with her definitions of both vampires and “werewolves” (which the tribe isn’t but looks a hell of a lot like it). Those guys can change at will, and their ability to change is hereditary. So.. that may even make Jacob/Taylor even MORE appealing in your eyes. 😉

  3. Annette   •  

    Team Jacob all the way, despite not watching/reading the series. In other news, I would feel especially creepy since Taylor looks waaay too much like a boy I used to nanny for in San Diego.

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