Meatless Tuesday: Week 5

Breakfast & Through out the day Snacks

  • Starbucks decaf soy caramel macchiatto.  I ordered a tall but they gave me a grande.
  • Starbucks chocolate croissant I never got to finish.  We had birthday party today in the office so I was saving room for cake.



  • Brown jasmine rice with 2 sticks of barbecue “beef” skewers and 4 cherry tomatoes.  The skewers look like poop, seriously like a log of poop.  It did have very meaty texture, though, and less soy tasting.  Unlike the marinaded “chicken” I had a while back.
  • A mini red velvet cupcake…more like a shot of cake and frosting…from Big Man Bakes at the office birthday party I threw and a very thin slice of pineapple rum cake the Big Boss brought back from the Caribbean.



  • Red Robin queso and chips…and a couple of fries. I swear that bowl is bottomless.  I had my fill and it didn’t look like I made a dent!  That was washed down with a strawberry lemonade.
  • A side of guilt.


LOST snacks

  • A glass of Jacob’s Creek shiraz.  Very appropriate, I know.
  • Coconut truffle from the box of XT Patisserie treats Nhien sent me for Christmas. Again, very appropriate.


Satisfaction Level: Very satisfied albeit the GUILT!!  Seriously.   I had a choice to get a Gardenburger or a soup and salad but noooooo.  I got queso. AND fries!!  Not to mention all of the products with eggs in them that I completely ignore and dove in headfirst like the cakes.  Meatless in the worst way today, folks.

Thoughts: Um. Yeah. I totally suck at being a vegetarian.  The guilt alone will kill be before anything else.

Special Thanks: For those who’ve witnessed/read about my ordeal last night, please give thanks to the handy guide I used to battle the problem.

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