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An image speaks a thousand words

Dinner Guests


Athena popped in for a bite. She spent a good 15 minutes after that getting some love from me and Brandon and exploring our place.

Keep in mind, this is NOT really our cat. Can you imagine what this blog would turn into when we have our own kittens? LOL.

And for the host…


Nutella + Strawberry = Awesome. Wish I could add red wine to these fantastic flavors, but I didn’t think my other dinner guest would agree.

That other guest is the antibiotics…which I was instructed to take with food.

Yes, my darlings. I am back on yet another 10-day course of antibiotics.

The Alien In My Nostril needs to die, you know.

I went to work in the morning with my swollen red nose–now swollen all to the way to the bridge of my nose and I feel pain all the way down my left cheekbone, the redness however stays just over the infected area–just enough time to get a lot of stuff done and to let my colleagues marvel over the redness, the swelling and how ridiculously painful this thing is.

I drove another hour back to see my doctor at 1 p.m., with the parts of the seal around my windshield flapping in the wind, no less; definitely a bad installation job of my replacement windshield in September.  This was earliest I could get in on a Monday which I happily took.  I didn’t even think I could get in on Monday at all.  Someone’s watching out for me a little bit there, I have to say.

Anyways, she said it doesn’t look like staph infection, thank god. Just a nasty, garden variety skin infection. After having had enough of me going “Ow. OW! Ow. OW!” every time she touched the general area around my left nostril, she sent me home with a bottle of antibiotics.  (Freebies, hooray!)  As for the pain, a hot compress for the outside of the nose and continue with Ibuprofen.

No industrial strength pain meds, you asked? Well, my big mouth had to go and tell her I held up okay with Ibuprofen so far. Yeah. DUH! Pain does make you do funny things, like being honest.

Ibuprofen does work for me, but for just for 3 hours. At 15 minutes past that 3 hour mark, I’d start to feel the nose. At 30 past, the pain returns to 80% and if I haven’t taken the pills 15 minutes ago, it’ll be another 15 minutes of 100% pain before it kicks in again. With constant pain in the nose I cannot just ignore like this, it really amazes me how punctual the drug works.

Speaking of 3 hours, mine is coming up. I’m just going to take a couple of Tylenol PM and forget about it for the day.

Walking Weekend

Saturday at the El Dorado Nature Walk with the boys, Brandon and Erik.





We also got into a little bit of a public art project.

As I was coming home the past week, I noticed there were these flat, wooden stakes duct-taped to a few lamp posts along the road. I wondered what they were for so I asked Brandon when we drove by. The most logical explanation is that these were parts of political campaign signs. Folks just removed the paper part and not taking off the rest.

Brandon said jokingly, “Maybe somebody needs to protect themselves against vampires or something.”

Naturally, an art project was born: “Use in case of vampire attack”.



Today I went on with Nora to the Brewery Art Walk in Downtown LA. For those who are not familiar with the Brewery, it’s an art colony of over 500 artists, the largest live-work colony in the world. The Brewery is a 22-building complex on 23 acres, comprises a variety of structures, some dating back to 1888. This used to be the plant where they brewed Pabst. Twice a year, they open up their doors to the public, quite literally welcoming us to their homes.

And my god, how much I still would LOVE to live in a loft. And how much I would LOVE to really have space to CREATE without worrying about messing up my space. LOL.

Nora and I perused a lot of spaces with our main focus on photography. We didn’t have the energy to do them all, but we did what we can.

Afterward, since we parked right by it, Nora and I made a pit stop at the San Antonio Wineries. We walked out with some tasty sparkling white wine. Man, that place could totally be bad news for the wallets of a wayward alcoholic Asian and an adventurous wine drinking English-Irish. But we managed to escape with 2 and 1 bottle each respectively.

I put a little slide show for you here but I have all of my pictures over here.

The next best thing

Today was just like any other day. I parked my car in the parking lot behind my building. My spot is the closest one to the gate to the apartment, and I usually would be the 2nd or 3rd car in the lot when I get home. I got out, got my stuff out of the back seat, and walked around the car.

Athena was sitting in front of the gate. In the parking lot.

And no, she wasn’t there when I parked my car.

The cat has apparently learned to recognize the jingle jangle of my car keys. The same thing would happen in the morning. My key jangled, she would show up to say hi and walked me to my car. But this was the first time she crossed out of the gate.

Of course, as per the usual afternoon routine I have established with Athena this past week, I would run upstairs, kiss Brandon hello, grab a bag of kitty treats and head back down for some borrow kitty time. I’d spend a good 5-10 minutes down there talking to a “talkative” cat and feeding her a bit of treats.

Sometime Brandon would join me. Athena hasn’t quite warm up to him the way she does with me, but then again, I AM the one with the food.

This time, Brandon came armed with the camera. And with a bit of culinary persuasion, Athena finally got friendly with him, and actually found his legs to be the source of extra warmth she needs on these cold evenings.

Oh, only if that cat learns to come up our stairs. It would all be over for us. She would probably spend her night outside our door because the second floor is a LOT warmer than downstairs.

In any case, I am truly happy that Athena decides to keep us. I already see the calming effect she has on Brandon. We get the benefits of having a cat without actually having one. Athena gets the food and the love. We get to have a borrow cat.

Sweet deal for all.

Behold, the cuteness of the Cat That Is Not Ours But We Wish She Is.



Oh, and on that note, I started a new set on my Flickr called “Not our Cat(s)”.  Check it out.  :)

Kitteh in mah hawz

Meet Athena. AKA the community cat I have been calling “Parker”.


I came downstairs to find one of the girls in the rental house holding the cat. Yes, the girls have adopted the cat and named her Athena. Since they couldn’t have her in the house, she has become the outdoor kitty. And yes, we can all feel free to hang with Athena.

Y’all, I have a semi-permanent borrow kitten that I get to play with when I come home everyday. It’s a wonderful feeling to have a purring fluffy being who gives you unconditional affection.

Well, actually, there is no such thing as unconditional love from a cat. She KNOWS when she owns YOU. She’ll give you that extra love you seek because she KNOWS at some point you’re going to feed her. And when she’s not hungry or not in the mood, good luck getting that love. Oh yes, I have walked by expecting some lovin’ before and she kind of looked at me and went back to cleaning herself. No, you are not as important today. Keep on walking, human.

That is why I love cats. :)

Oh, while we’re talking about cats, here is my second installment of original lol cats.

funny pictures

Happy Sunday Morning to ya!

Be Happy

I clipped this cartoon out of the back of Real Simple magazine years ago by Monica Sheehan called “Be Happy”. (Now available as a book, among a few other of her books.) I had it framed back then and it was essentially buried deep into the pit of my den. Upon the recent discovery of the piece, I made copy and framed it for Olaina.

The frame is now sitting on my new desk; its twin sister on Olaina’s dresser and occasionally follows her around as she works. Since I am in support of Ms. Sheehan’s good work, I’m not going to reprint that piece here. But I am going to do my own interpretation: her words, my pictures. I hope this inspires you as much as it has for me.

ETA: OMGBBQ! The REAL Monica shows up here to leave a comment! I am truly honored. And thrilled!  It’s always an honor to have the people you speak of shows up to comment like last time.

(Yes, click on this little arrow here. I finally figured out that “jump” thing!)

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Dresden’s here!

After a week of the baby watch, Dresden is finally here!

Brandon has just told me earlier that Aurora went into labor last night. I planned on calling James to say happy birthday anyway, so I gave him a ring. That was around 9:45.

“Hi, Oakley.”

“Happy birthday, James.”

“And guess whose birthday it is also?”

“Oh my god!”

“In fact, perfect timing.”

I heard a baby cry.


“I gotta go.”

“Okay, bye.”

ETA: Dresden William “spawned” at 9:36 a.m. weighing in at 8 lbs. 3 oz. and 21.5 inches long with a head full of curly dark hair.

James Dresden

Greg and Dresden

Aurora and Dresden