Dreaming up a Law & Order SVU episode

Crazy Dream
Crazy Dream

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If you’ve been around this blog long enough, you know about me and my vivid dreams.  Just take a look at my DreamBoat entries. Or the one about my imaginary pet pig named Mike.

Last week, I’ve just finished the Hunger Games trilogy and Top Shot wrapped up.  I also started watching reruns of Law & Order: SVU because, well, what else is there to watch for an unemployed?  The latest edition of Orange Coast Magazine talking about road trips is currently in the bathroom.  And now with Osama bin Laden freshly killed, everything got rolled into a mad dream.

/Wayne’s World Flashback/

My family and I are vacationing in a mountain resort that is like a luxury camping. [Orange Coast Magazine]  We have a big tent, a lot like that in a Harry Potter movie, that compartments into different rooms.  My little sister [The Hunger Games] and I run screaming into a wing, jump onto the bed, and have ourselves a grand time until our mother tells us to chill out.

We roll up our wall to see the outside.  A beautiful meadow that runs into a lush green forest, all glistening from morning dew.  I hug my little sister and she settles into her bed, eyes train on the scenery.  I go back to the main room to fetch our bags and talk to my parents about the plan for the day.

I return to find our room empty.  I call my sister’s name.  No answer.  I peer outside the tent, calling her name. I break into a run around the outside of the tent, screaming her name.

Police set up a command center in our tent.  Helicopter flies over head.  I couldn’t stay there so I take a walk  along the path around the meadows, leading into the woods.  Police are scanning that same area.  I turn up the main road toward a check point.

A backpacker comes lumbering down the mountain with a police escort.  The checkpoint search his bag.  Nothing suspicious. He has scratches all over him but he claims to have fallen into some brush earlier.  But then I saw it.

A piece of my sister’s dress is stuck to the mud in the back of his hiking boots. [Law & Order: SVU]

Out of nowhere, a revolver turns up in my hand and the checkpoint is gone.  It’s just me and him with my gun aimed squarely between his furrowed eyebrows.

I demand to know what happen and where my sister is.  He taunts me and takes another step closer.  He is in the range to just grab my gun from my hand when he tells me what he did to my sister, betting that I would be so shaken up he can take the gun from my hand.

You bet wrong, mother fucker.

I squeeze the trigger.

[Top Shot / News coverage]

/Wayne’s World Flashback/

Having a creative mind is a blessing and a curse, I tell you.

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