Five for Friday: Crush List, Hulk Bunny, and Thunder Sheep - Hulk Bunny Make-up Test

Five for Friday is a weekly series about the five new things I learned each week. It could be anything from a new recipe, new skills, or a new life lesson.

Aussies Are Taking Over My Crush List

Well, this is not really new. But as I’m re-evaluating my “If any of these guys showed up at our door, I’m gone!” list, I found myself listing mostly Australian actors. (Don’t worry. Brandon has a list of his future celebrity wives as well. Hee.)

Brad Pitt, the King of my Heart since I outgrew Tom Cruise in college, is losing his throne to one of these young princes. - Crushing on Chris Hemsworth - Crushing on Sam Worthington - Crushing on Dean Geyer

Chris Hemsworth and Sam Worthington are jockeying for the number one spot at the moment. But I’m also crushing hard on Dean Geyer who won me over as a lovesick soldier boy in Terra Nova and now is showing off his voice and his bod on Glee. (But why do you have to fall for that self-centered ho-bag Rachael?!?!?)

I mean, look at the boy!! How adorable is he?  Aaaaand….he’s 26. So, I’m officially a creepy, dirty old lady…

Now that I put my top 3 side by side, a trend emerges. I like scruffy brunettes with blue eyes.

Well. Duh. I’m married to one…minus the Aussie accent. - Love of my life

The REAL King of my heart.

Oh, and I’ve always have the soft spot for Hugh Jackman, Alex O’Loughlin whose chest I set up a Facebook Page for, and my DreamBoat(TM) captain Russell Crowe. Just to round that out for ya.

Dreamy, dreamy Aussie boys. All rugged yet sensitive hotness…


Sorry. Where were we?

Lost While Running: The Unexpected Journey

Speaking of lost…

I haven’t quite used MapMyRun to its full capacity yet. So I decided to use it to map out a run for yesterday.  I checked the route on my phone one more time before heading out.

Wouldn’t you know it, I got a little lost.  At some point, I got in a bit of a zone and stopped paying attention to where I was going. I got a little disoriented and had to consult the map a few times before I made my way back on my intended track.

Fortunately, getting lost in Rossmoor isn’t something to worry about. A) Rossmoor is the ritziest and safest neighborhood around these parts, B) I was about a mile from home at this point, and C) I’m a grown ass woman with a smartphone. This should NOT be a problem.

I have to admit, even with the map on the phone, I did feel a little pang of panic.  Being lost in a car is one thing. Being lost on foot is another. But it was definitely a knee jerk reaction of someone who had gotten lost…well, separated from her family…several times as a child.  I didn’t expect to feel that way, especially when I was looking at the map on the phone in my hand.

I wonder what else I’d find out about myself as I continue on this running experiment.

Not All AC/DC Songs Include Thunder

…or sheep.

What do you mean it’s not “Thirty Three Thunder Sheep”?!?

True Meaning of BFFs

My Mater Dei School classmates got together to celebrate 30 years of friendship last weekend. (Yes, I’m old. Shut up.)

This is one of the benefits of having gone through a private school in Thailand where people don’t usually move around or change schools that much. Most of the girls in this class of 1995 started kindergarten together. Some of us actually went as far back as preschool. My friend Tammy said that she and I were the oldest of friends because our moms were classmates, and therefore we had known each other since we were eggs. LOL

At 7th grade and 10th grade, first year of Thailand’s equivalent of junior high and high school respectively, we’d get an infusion of new students.  Those times were tough on both the new kids and original class. We only had a handful of new 7th graders whom we all felt like we MUST take care of. 10th grade was tougher because some of the girls came from our sister school with their own bond. But it doesn’t take long before everyone meshed together.

High school back home, at least to me, wasn’t like here. Yes, you do have cliques and different groups of friends.  But at the end of the day, everyone is everyone’s friend.

If any of these girls would call me to help with something, I would assist them. And they would do the same for me.

I really do miss them sometimes.

Ben Nye Cream Color and Powder

I never thought to look online for special effect make-up in the past. For years as  Zombie Slave Leia, I’ve been Macguyvering any cosmetics I could find at a drug store.  L’Oreal HiP Studio pigments in Beckoning Blue and Rebel Green make for some gnarly gray-ish, green-ish dead flesh, I tell you. But when I tried to use the Rebel Green alone for Hulk Bunny costume I’m working on for this weekend’s Stan Lee’s Comikaze, the green just wasn’t bright enough.  I looked more Zombie Hulk than hulking Hulk.

First, I tried the cheap body paint from a party store. I dabbed a dot with my fingertip and smear it on my wrist. My fingertip and said smear were stained for a few days. No way this is going on my face!

Then, the internet introduced me to Ben Nye professional stage and film–and CLOWNS!–cosmetics. Removal is not an issue at all! It came right off with make-up remover.  But will it hold up against sweat of someone wearing a zentai suit and a wig?

Stress test also passed with flying color…ahem.  The translucent powder set everything in place against a very hot apartment in the middle of Southern California heat wave plus the zentai suit and a wig.

What do you think? - Hulk Bunny Make-up Test

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