18th hour

I’m on the 18th hour of being awake.

Yep. The monthly board meeting day.

The crack of dawn wake up time of 4:45 to get ready and get in the car and leave no later than 5:20 sharp in order to miss morning traffic which results in me being at work at 6 a.m., 30 minutes early, but if I leave after 5:20, I would have gotten there at 6:30 or later.

I was going to make dinner, but decided not to, so I came home to the Brandon the Handyman Show. I kept “just in case I get electrocuted” watch while Brandon changed out most electrical sockets in the apartment.

Then Shane called and asked if I was still making dinner. Like I could ever say no to that! 🙂

So I ventured back out the store and made what I’ve been craving since I saw it on TV a few times now, Paula Dean’s Potato Soup (without the shrimps but extra bacon!) while the boys shopped for and install replacement blind in our bedroom (oh yes after 1 month, no one was sent from the apartment management so Brandon offered to do it and get reimbursed).

We watched Tuesday’s NCIS and I got caught up on LOST. Goddamn I love this show. And next week…SAWYER’S SHIRT IS COMING OFF!!!!!

Hmm. Josh Halloway. Drool.

Talk about ogling!

BTW – I joined BakeSpace.com. Come find me, you aspiring chefs and bakers of the blogosphere!

BTW TOO – I met up with Token Asian and her friend Jenny for sushi in Downtown LA the other day, dragging Nhien along. We had a great time. Will elaborate later.

Tomorrow night. A second try at the hip hop class. (Last time Michael and I showed up for a non-existing class that someone there informed me they have.) Hopefully they haven’t cancelled the adult class too. *sigh*


  1. gnarlykitty   •  

    Everyone is a Lostie 🙂

    Lostie is the new Trekky

  2. KorBua   •  

    I aint a lostie!

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