It’s a big, big world

Just got back from my optometrist. I am wearing my new astigmatism-corrected contact lenses.

EVERYTHING looks bigger than before.

I mean, my computer screen looks like font size 14 instead of 12. Well, fuck. The monitor itself even looks bigger than last night! The Vitamin Water bottles in the store, the same size as what I have at home, look huge. My judgment on dimension is a little off right now so I keep banging into things…which makes me feel like the things ARE bigger.

Even myself looks bigger. Thicker, I should say.

Good lord.

I get to walk around wearing these for 4 hours today. Tomorrow, I suppose to wear them all day to see how they do.

I guess, this literally opens my eyes to an entire new world this morning.

My first stop was at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf to pick up a tin of English Breakfast tea and a caramel latte for me. That was when I first noticed things were bigger than before.

The tins for the tea looked HUGE and I thought to myself, huh…they’re making everything bigger these days. Once I picked it up, I realized it’s the same size it has ever been! LOL.

Now, behind me there was a guy sitting by himself with a deck of cards. I don’t know if he was playing anything or was just there practicing his magic tricks. But every few minutes you’d hear that “ssshhhhhhhffff” noise. If you’d look up it time, you’d catch this guy shooting the cards from one hand to the other. Nifty.

As I waited for my coffee, I was thinking of just going over there, sit down at his table and just say, “Hit me!” and then walk away. But my Mohawk donning barista was swamped so by the time I got my latte, the Magician was gone.

Oh yes. My barista has a Asian Mohawk. I don’t even want to ask how he got the uniform viser to go over that.

After the coffee, I finally stopped into a Famima!! store, a Japaneses style 7-11 type store that is fully stocked with food and Japanese food and products. I have heard so much about it and our bus goes past one in Downtown everyday–actually we also past the soon-to-open one on the way home as well.

OMG, guys. So. Much. Fun! LOADS of fresh food. Friendly staff. Clean, comfy, and uncluttered space. I will write about it on Hmm…Food…Good once we’re done eating our lunch later today. But so far, their danish pastries kick ass.

We are awaiting the verdict from the Andersons in San Diego. We may head down this afternoon, or they may come up. Justin has said he wanted to visit his mom solo. So we suggested that we can have a “Borrow Olaina” while he visits with his mom. Hehehe.

After all, I just got The Devil Wears Prada from Netflix and Brandon’s WoW friends are probably missing him now that he’s been playing Final Fantasy XII for a few days. Girls Day In! Woohoo.

But if we head south, it’ll be just as fun. The weather is gorgeous. And the Adams Avenue Grill’s fantastic food and wine awaits.

We’ll see how today goes. 🙂

*Update* Devil Wears Prada was cute. I wouldn’t say the best movie ever. Meryl is fantastic and Ann Hathaway is gorgeous. Simon Baker? Deeeelish! 🙂 And we ended up in San Diego for dinner with the Andersons. Lots of fun. Will blog on Monday about that, and a review of the ever so fantastic food at Adams Avenue Grill.

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  1. Matt   •  

    I want to play FFXII. I only have Nintendo DS though. Aaah.

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