Weekend of Good and Evil

– GOOD –

Went out for 20-minute run/walk around the neighborhood on Saturday morning. It was summer out there. Windy though. I walked most of the trip, but I did get in some running. As I head out there with my music on, I tried to run at least 2 verses or 1 verse and a chorus which came out to about half a block per block. Not too bad. But I definitely feel like a wussy.

Well, I *AM* a wussy. Who am I kidding! LOL.

The Fried Chicken Experiment #4 turned out okay. Shane and Serena came by to be my lab rats. We finished off that evening with a trip to Golden Spoon. Yummy yummy frozen yogurt treats on a warm California winter night! Us and the entire girls’ softball league seemed to have agreed.

Today, the same gang went to see Ghost Rider. I want $7 of $9 back for this one. Completely predictable. It’s cliche all the way for this one. No twist. No surprises. No character growth or curve. Sure, there’s a bit of back story, but you don’t really see Johnny Blaze as a character transformed or anything. Overall, it’s a mildly entertaining time waster.

Although there were some quirky, oh so very Nick Cage moments that you get a little chuckle out of. At times, it was just plain cheese. Most of the time, even *I* was distracted by Eva Mendez’s cleavage. I mean, every scene except for the first white dress she wore was boobbylicious. They’re trying so hard to use her fantastic Girls to distract you from the fact that the entire movie sucks.


Working on a holiday is evil. Yep. Tomorrow is just another work day for me. Although Brandon may be persuaded to come have lunch with me downtown. We’ll have to see.

Now, I have learned that my beloved Aunty Or, my mom’s best friend, is heading out to America! She’s not going to come out all the way to California because she’s “been there”. (Well, she did. She spent a few years in Pasadena when her son was going to Art Center College of Design.) But she’s having everyone meet her in Vegas.

So this Monday off I don’t have? I can substitute this day for Friday March 2 as Brandon and I head out for Las Vegas to meet Aunty Or.

This would mark our very first trip to Vegas together. Actually, it’d be the first trip together outside going to visit our parents since we got married! It should be fun.

– EVIL –

A jar of Nuttella + A spoon + A glass of milk. My mouth is already watering just thinking about it. Must. Stay. In. Here. Not. Going. Out. To. Kitchen……..aaarrrgggghhh…..!

And Scrubs. We’ve been catching a clip or an episode here and there since they started 6 seasons ago. But the other day, Brandon finally got into it when Comedy Central had a block of reruns on. We TIVO’ed the bunch and now put the DVDs on Netflix cue.

Great. Another TV show we get hooked on. Not that our current list is not enough. And on that list: Heroes, NCIS, House, Dresden Files, Battlestar Galactica, Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservation, Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis, and just for me, Lost and Nip/Tuck. Now, Scrubs is going on that list.

See? Television is EVIL!

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