Olaina got me curious. So, I listed a few used books to sell on Amazon.com. So far, one person bought my copy of “Son of A Witch”. Worst book I’ve read recently–not that I’ve read that many. Sorry, Customer Dude!

I got so excited about this selling stuff. I didn’t only buy the padded envelopes needed for the venture, but I created the brand for my store, completed with logo shipping labels and “Hey, remember to give me feedback” cards to insert into the book.

I sold one book and I branded the whole fucking operation.

Only me, right? Only me can do that.

Well, look at the Siamese Pixie Store! I thought it would be fun to have some t-shirts printed online and the next thing you know I have a whole line of slogans PLUS a store name and brand. And now, it’s for charity.

Pssst. Hey. You. Yeah, you. Thai Redcross is counting on YOU! I haven’t made any money since the end of last year. Come on. Buy some stuff. 😉

Unfortunately, my ability at naming the operation only happens when the mood is right. If I’m not in the mood, it could be days and months before I can come up with anything remotely useful.

I mean, I doled on one great name for my family’s new venture back in Thailand. The only issue was not the title but how Thai people would butcher the word or what they would call it instead of what we intend it to be. For example, “Central Department Store” sounds pretty straight forward in English but when Thai people say it, “Central” becomes “Sen-Taan”. Lost in translation there a little bit.

Since my one kick ass title, I completely am blocked. *sigh*

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