Banshee on the bus

There’s this lady on my bus who appears to just LOVE to hear herself talk.  Well, only when she talks to Bruin Bill.

I sat next to this lady once before.  She only said hi and went back to napping.  No talking.  No nothing.  She seemed nice.  But anytime Bruin Bill is on the bus, she would be cozying up with him and chat her mouth off.

These would be the mornings that I’d crank up my headphone a few notches in attempt to drown out her voice.

I don’t mind so much when people chat on the bus in the morning, but this lady has a voice that is only equal to nail on the chalkboard.

Her voice is nasally and high pitched, not to the degree of Fran Drescher because it flattens out.  How can I explain it, like there is no acoustic to her voice.  No reverberant.  Like a duck.  You know, it doesn’t echo.  And she has this “Eeeeheheheheeee” laugh which could be infectious if it doesn’t sound too much like a piglet being slaughtered.

And this morning, my MP3 player ran out of juice in the middle of my nap.  Even in deep sleep and through ear buds, her fucking laughs managed to wake me up.  Thank god I always carry spare batteries.

Seriously, I try to have a good start in the morning.  Pleasant conversation with my bus buddies or a nice nap without music blaring too loudly into my head.  But the moment I step onto the bus and hear her voice, my mood sours instantly.

It’s hard being an audio kind of person.  Little things bug you.

All I can do aside from buying her gag ball as a hint or throw her off the bus altogether is to keep a stock of fresh batteries in my backpack.

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  1. lillian   •  

    this lady has a voice that is only equal to nail on the chalkboard…
    well written and poor poor u …

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