Holy Heroes!

Heroes finale.

I may not have called the ending but I have called THAT ACTION quite a long time ago…[spoiler alert…highlight to read more]…since we found out than Nathan can fly and that Peter/Syler could explode. I was thinking, why didn’t he just fly the guy off? They do that in most action movies anyway! That’s all!

Keep it up, Kring!

P.S.  Brandon arrived in DC safe and sound.  Well, aside from the fact that his non-English speaking cabby drove him 8 miles in the wrong direction from his hotel.  Oh, and he said the hotel so far reminded him of the horror that was his NYC trip back in 2001 when the dot com sent him out to the NY branch.  Well, at least the door knob didn’t fall out when he closed the door.  That’s a good thing.

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