Oh, puh-lease!

Thailand’s Royal Po-pos have GOT to find something else better to do with their time than this!

Turning pink with shame

A pink ”Hello Kitty” armband wrapped around a khaki-clad arm is shouting for attention at the police Crime Suppression Division. It is a new disciplinary measure introduced especially for police investigators who refuse to play by the rules.

Oh, and right above it on the webpage, the headline reads like this:

193 killed, 1,056 wounded in 5 months in troubled South

I mean, seriously. What the fuck!?!?

While the South is going to hell in a radical Muslim hand basket, the Royal Police is fucking around with slapping Hello Kitty armbands on “undisciplined” cops?

Amazing Thailand, indeed.

ETA: Here is a clip of the front page of this edition. I wish I have a better image, but pretty much that whole fatality stats from the South is not even on the front page. Yet, the pink armband takes most of the space.

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  1. Pond   •  

    This shows Thai law enforcement has too much time at hands to poke around, tasting cold water to see how screw up they can be.

    How surprise!!!!

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