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I’m a Doctor Who newbie, having started watching the new version just this season. I didn’t like the guy who played the last Doctor and I really didn’t like Rose. But the new pair of Doctor and Martha Jones, these two are cute together.

Anyways, last night’s episode…NO SPOILER HERE…Martha was introducing the Doctor to everyone as, well, “the Doctor”. Her mom said, “And you’re Doctor….?” And Martha said, “Just the Doctor.”

Light bulb went on in my little brain.

Me: Oh, NOW I get it!

B: What?

Me: “Doctor Who! He’s just ‘the Doctor’. No name. Just ‘the Doctor’. So that’s why it’s Doctor WHO!”

B: Um. Duh?


I asked Brandon if he heard from his parents lately. They live in New Mexico’s mountain town of Red River.

B: Oh yeah, they had these nuns staying with them for a while last week. [Someone dad knew from Amarillo,Texas, his hometown.]

O: Ah. And do they know how to solve a problem like Maria?

He just stared blankly at me.


We went back to Gaffey Street Diner for some more awesome food. Instead of the 710, accidentally took the 110 out of San Pedro, so we got off on PCH and took that home. On this stretch, we did go through the train yard and then the refineries.

B: Wow. This look like an area where Godzilla would strike.


Guillermo Bourne Ultimatum


ETA… #5

Walking out of the theater after The Bourne Ultimatum, heard behind me was this.

“…well, the movie is called Bourne something something. I don’t know.”

“His name WAS Jason Bourne…?”

“Yeah, but the movie name is NOT Jason Bourne. It’s Bourne…something.”

So, you’ve just spent 1 hour and 51 minutes in the movie watching Matt Damon jumping off rooftops, kicking ass and taking names all over the world, and you don’t even know what the name of the movie is?

Wow. Like you should not underestimate Bourne, you should not underestimate the power of the stupid.


  1. sporto   •  

    Well, hell. Now that you make mention of it, I never made the “the Doctor” and “Doctor Who” connection either. The Sound of Music, I get. 🙂

  2. Pond   •  

    Hey Oh+
    Since I cannot get logged in through my hotmail, so I figure I’d leave a comment here (see another comment of mine in your Nation’s recent blog) about your mother’s illness.

    I have a few close family members that have cancer as well. It started a few months ago when my dad called me about their cancer and all the treatments, hospital stays and so on. I’ve been worried. It has been hard to just sit here and ponder what it would be like if I’d have been there and at least, get to visit them. Even though they aren’t my parents, but I’m really close to them. They helped raising me when I was little. It gets me to think what if something happens to them, what if something happens to my parents.

    Telling you now, I feel for you. Seeing my parents picture my sister sent me each year makes my heart sinked. They look older and older every single year. It’s just scary and makes me feel as little as possible that I don’t get to spend as much time as I can just because I’m not there.

  3. Korbua   •  

    hahaha u made my day! the second one is my fav. 😛 that’s probably the kinda joke i would crack with kitz and get this weird face from her. hahahah. 😛

    🙁 i wanna go to movies!!!! i hardly hav time to do anything else… T_T

    miss u na ka. *hugs*

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