Droplets of joy

A surprise gift in the mail.
* Olaina sent me Steve Irwin’s Wildlife Warrior band that was just a wee little bit too big.


A REALLY big plastic bag.
* Not as much fun as a really big box though.


A cake you successfully baked and prepped the night before and frosted at 5:30 a.m.
* Giada rules! And before y’all think I’m crazy, this cake was for my company potluck. I can’t frost it overnight because the hazelnut brittles would’ve melted into the frosting and it won’t be any good.


Jason Chambers, my newest “celebrity” crush.
* Well, he’s not a big time celebrity yet. He’s a host of History Channel’s Human Weapons which we have become addicted to. Brandon may have gotten us watching the show as a martial arts education for both of us, but now it’s become like an occasional soft core baw-chi-ca-baw-wow for me. Heh. (And this delicious picture is borrowed from his website.)

Jason Chambers

And finally, Reggie escapes AGAIN.
* Well, he did got caught eventually and put back in his new “home”. Has anyone checked to see if he’s not Houdini reincarnated? The t-shirt here borrowed from LosAnJealous.com.

Free Reggie by LosAnJealous.com

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