Wild wild west


Yeah, baby!

My first 2 DVDs of Young Riders Season 1 arrived. I wrapped presents and signed Christmas cards while watching them over Saturday and Sunday.

Hey, this show is not as obscured as I thought! I mean, at least they got the first season out on DVD, right? And there were 3 seasons of this stuff.

I watched this series back in Thailand what seems like a million years ago. Of course, the whole thing was dubbed so things were a lot different then. I remembered having a major crush on the Kid played by Ty Miller (That smile gets me every time and his eyes are amazing. Oh, and him and Lou thing?  My god, that’s good sappy stuff!) and Marshal Sam Cain played by Brett Cullen (The height! The hair!  That smile! OMG!).

And of course, the conversation I had with my mom regarding riding lessons.

After watching this show a few times, I told my mom that I would like to learn to ride a horse. Being in an upper middle class Bangkokian family, we of course belong to the Royal Bangkok Sports Club, Polo Club. At the time, that was the only place we knew that had riding lessons.

My mom didn’t want me to take an equestrian class because she was afraid I would fall and break my neck, being a LOT smaller than any horse I would ride. But she said that I should check out the classes beforehand. So one weekend at the Club, we walked over to see the English riding–the only “proper way” of riding there was–session.

I said no.

“Well I thought you want to learn to ride a horse?”

“Yes. But, that’s not how Young Riders’ cowboys ride their horses!!”

Didn’t I say once that I was probably a Texan rancher’s daughter in my past life?

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