Oh puh-lease!

My car is now in the shop. I dropped it off last night and no only I didn’t get the rental car as promised, I didn’t get the courtesy shuttle ride either. Nobody told me if I get there after 6 p.m., the rental car place is closed and the shuttle service is over.

Oh and they called me this morning, they asked me again if I wanted the fuel injection service. I said no already. Sheesh.

Like that is not only enough aggravation, Brandon has gone and done this.

ETA: Now that the day’s over…and trust me, part of it I wish someone would jump out from behind a cubicle to say April’s Fool!…Happy April’s Fool, everybody!  The original post had a Rick Roll, but it seemed EVERYONE was doing on today so I switched.  Hehe.

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  1. Robert Frazer   •  

    In an unrelated question… I will be going to BKK in a month and my female traveling companion wants to stay at a temple for a day to see what temple life is like. Do you think that is possible? And who would we contact? , is there a liason monk dealing with these types of requests? I can’t wait for the food, 2 weeks of blissful Thai food and people. This is her first trip to Thailand, I always try and bring someone new to watch their joy of experiencing the culture.

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