It takes a village

Upon arriving back at the house, Brandon mentioned that James needed to take a break for a while since he’s been with Dresden all day. So the boys plus Bob went to get donuts and coffee. Since neither of the girls had dinner yet, we packed Dresden in a car and headed out to pick up greasy goodness at John’s.

Dresden was happy most of the time until he realized a) the car stopped moving, and later, b) he was finally really, really hungry. Otherwise, that kid was the happiest kid on the planet the entire time.


0711082026.jpg 0711082135.jpg

Pretty much the same way he was yesterday at Girls Night Out. Aurora, Lee, Lupe, and myself went to Joe’s Sushi with Dresden. We passed him around the table so Aurora can eat. Everyone had a different style that night. Lupe just plopped Dresden on her massive boobs.

“Oh, you wish these were working pairs, don’t you, kid?” she said at one point.

I took the walking route and gave Dresden a tour of the restaurant. Lee was more of the quietly swaying type, and managed to get Dresden to take a nap as we were paying our bills. We did really realize the true meaning of how it really does take a village to raise a child and develop a new sense of appreciation for single mom everywhere.

The nap didn’t last very long as when we got out of the car at Aurora’s, the little flirt was wide awake and smiling at everybody all over again.

“Ah, crap,” Aurora said. “He’ll be at it for another 3 hours. I’m never going to go to sleep tonight.”


0711081732.jpgOn the same note of being supportive of people you care about, Bill wasn’t on the bus yesterday but the support for Gunny continues.

Lee on The Bus donned his USMC t-shirt although you can’t really see that on him.

I was thinking of doing the same but I figured you can’t really a shirt when the print is in the back and when we are all sitting down on the bus. So I brought mine and draped it across the chair for all to see.

Let me just say that if that commie who complained was on the bus that day, that should be a strong statement to him/her.

Gunny was very appreciative of all of our continuous support.

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  1. MazingAmy   •  

    that is one seriously cute baby!

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