*I was supposed to post a warning a la spoiler alert any future Thai political comments here.  But this “alert” is NOT that.  As a matter of fact, it’s the opposite.  I will NOT be discussing politics. However, I will be discussing what politics is affecting my personal life.  So, my dearest Commenter “Ku”, you may so continue.*

The Irish Cousin Robert commented that he was no longer the angriest commenter on my blog with my recent entry.

Thai people have become just that these days.

Angry. Frustrated. Confused. Fed up. Overwhelmed. Despaired. Saddened. All of the above.

Even the littlest thing could send passionate folks into a rampage. One comment could cause a mayhem.

My motherland is thoroughly divided that friends are made enemies and family members stop talking to each other over politics.

“Ku” the Commenter and I had our heated moment of exchange off the blog over our stances.  Well, first of all, I personally know “Ku”.  So, the first few exchanges were emotional.  It was firmly requested that politics should not be discussed.  But you really can’t ignore the elephant in the room.

And so the exchange continued and, amazingly, we found out that we were not standing on the polar opposite after all.  We agreed on every fundamental thing that leads up to a certain point.  Our intentions are the same.  Our ideals are the same. What we want for our country is the same. But we diverge on the HOW part. And it’s not all that difference on how our country would get where we would want it to be either.

A very fine line of how our views differ.

Out of this dialogue, I realized a few things.

A civil discussion REALLY can bring parties to a solution.  Gosh knows that between two American-educated Thais, one a business owner and a parent in Thailand and the other a non-profit employee and childless by choice in California, we might just come up with a solution to solve our country’s problem!  I mean, both of us started off almost at each other’s throat, and now we might just have an answer.  How cool is that?!

And then it hit me.

For the first time since I’ve known “Ku”, a SERIOUS political discussion slowly grew out of what started out almost like an adolescent spat.

Holy fuck.

We *are* adults now.

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