Thai-ed up and Twisted

Thai massage.

Oh, it hurts sooooo good.

Via my work, Nhien and I got a complimentary Thai massage at The Raven Spa in Silver Lake about a month ago.  The therapists are all Thai, and the atmosphere was such that at some point I felt really transported.  For a moment, I thought I was back home.  It was that good.  We liked the place so much that when the opportunity arose, I brought my girls back for more.

After having missed somebody’s birthday recently, my girls and I have agreed to treat ourselves to one of these girls spa day once a year as birthday presents to ourselves.  You know, every time a birthday comes around, we each fork out about $20-$40 for each other’s present anyway.  It makes more sense!

Although, the answer to our brilliant plan was answered by the men like this, “That’s why us guys don’t buy each other a birthday present at all.”  That’s a way to do it too.  But spa day is sooo much for fun!

So yes, Nhien’s and my therapists yoga’ed the crap out of us, more than last time, but it was oh so good.  Amy and Celeste enjoyed deep tissue and also walked out well kneaded.  Eva is the truly pampered one with a pregnant massage.  That was her baby shower present from us.

Oh, The Raven.  How I loved thee!  It’s good that it’s so far away from my house otherwise I’m going to be there all the time.  It’s not just the massage.  It’s the ambiance.  It is truly an escape that the cheaper venues cannot duplicate.

And like I said, it felt like home. That is more than most places can offer me.

After that, we waltzed across the street to Blair’s for brunch.  Good vibe.  I got the veggie burger that looked like a bleeding beef patty because of beets–bizarre, yes, but also quite tasty.  Garlic fries…my GOD, the garlic fries!  Celeste had the blackend mahi mahi sandwich and that was excellent as well.  Dessert of chocolate souffle cake with vanilla bean gelato rolled in toasted macademia with a sliced of banana with carmalized sugar was a total indulgence.

The first girls day out a complete success.

I’m going to hate my life tomorrow.  But at least today, I’m one happy girl. 🙂

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