Not your usual holiday

It’s a Christmas that doesn’t feel much like one.

When I told Brandon I wasn’t going to put a Christmas tree up this year, he reached over to feel my forehead.

“Are you okay?” he asked, feigning concern.

Usually, my Christmas tree goes up the day after Thanksgiving.  Black Friday is spent putting up the tree and do online shopping.  Since we spent Thanksgiving in Thailand, and we didn’t even get back in the country until the 8th, I didn’ think it would be worth the time and energy to put up the tree for a mere 2 weeks.

Unless I want to leave the tree through Valentine’s day, I suggested.

Um, no. He said.

Instead, I wrapped the leis my friend made for me around the CD tower and topped it with a Santa hat.  Heck, I’ve been putting the Christmas presents right at the foot of it already anyway–just as well make it my Christmas “tree”.

I stopped short of wrapping the thing with Christmas lights though.

Also, we have a lot of stuff from Thailand for our friends.  Those things become the Christmas presents…without the wrapping.  And then some of the gifts I had shipped directly to my aunt and her family.  So I shouldn’t have been surprised when I sat down to wrap gifts the other day that I didn’t spend the entire afternoon doing that.

But I was.  I was done wrapping in half an hour.

That deflated me a bit.

Usually, I would sit down on a Sunday with one of the Lord of the Rings on DVD and wrap my gifts.  This time, I barely watched one TV show before I was done with all I had to wrap.  WTF.

Finally, I don’t have any “orphans” to feed this year.  Erik went and eloped with his girl so they are already off to Texas with her family.  Our K9 officer friend actually is not on patrol that evening, so we don’t have to prepare him a to-go box.

However, my aunt and the family are coming over for me to feed instead.  Usually, the family would be traveling this time of year and up until last year May would be off somewhere doing her badminton thing.  But this year, they’re all home.  And they’re coming over.

Of course, having guests coming over makes me want to pull up the Christmas tree.

See beginning argument.

I think CD Tower Tree will have to do.

I really should add the lights though…

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