That thing I do

I have been staying up passed my bed time this week.  Case in point, see time stamp.

It seems I just have a lot I want to do and I’m excited about all of them.  I’ve been busy updating my experiences at the Temple and at the food blog with my cooking binge.

I can’t tell you enough how much joy cooking give me.  Now even more joyous that Brandon has the monopoly on dishes.  It was like a runner’s high for me.  I feel awesome having cooked something we can both enjoy.  So I’ve been indulging in that little slice of quality kitchen time.

(Aside: Oh yeah, after almost 7 years of marriage, we finally figured out one of the reasons we occasionally resent each other is because I left the dishes piled up and he kept postponing the laundry.  Somedays I took on both duties, even.  It turns out he’d rather do dishes and I rather do laundry. Big. Obnoxious. DUH!)

And that little cooking high launched me into this creative spurt.  The blogging.  The girls movie day out on Saturday was great, and so was meeting new people at Tweet Up on Sunday.  I’ve signed us up for yoga which we missed last night (damn bus was late).  Flamenco class at Moondance is next Thursday.  I’m thinking of joining another Twitter friend for Capoiera sometime after that.

The more new things I started to do, the more things I want to do.  I barely want to sit down and watch TV any more.  But hell, there’s a LOT there I want to watch too.

And all the while trying to ignore the piles and piles of paperwork building up in my office, the looming tax lady appointment which is all about these files being organized.  Small stacks of clutters threaten to take over my office again.  And my commute clutter collector is getting out of control.

Like Sheryl Crow said, “It’s such a thin line between the things you want and the things you have to do.”  And I’m straddling it.

I’m doing what I want to do and here I am guilty about things I have to do not getting done.

Work has been super busy and stressful.  But I decompressed…and napped…on the bus on my way home.  By the time I walked through the door, I’m an Energizer Bunny all over again.

But my energy is not for the cluttered office or housework.  It’s for this new found joy in doing new things.

Some of that bounce in my steps hit a containment wall here and there.

For one, Brandon’s grandmother passed away late last week, following her husband who passed away in September.  He’s dealing with that in his own way.  And bouncing through the door wanting to do all sorts of crazy things probably is not what he needs.

But then I got a little frustrated with all the energy trapped inside.  Some evening, I just let that drained out through mind numbing goodness of television.

Today wasn’t a good TV day. (Well, not counting Gil Grissom’s goodbye episode…which I will watch tomorrow.)  So I finally got to the piano.

Brandon–or my neighbors…or any human being–didn’t need to hear my goat-being-slaughtered impression as I wailed through a handful of broken balads and clumsy banging of the piano.  I was nice and warmed up by the time I got to my rendition of Avril Levigne’s “When you’re gone.”

However, being as rusty as I am with the piano currently, I slammed on the wrong keys and lost my concentration, and therefore lost my breathing as I just coming off a belted D and gearing up for the E.

Hence, I squeaked in the middle of the E.

And proceeded to choke on that missed breath.

He got such a good laugh out of that one.  And so did I.

We got through another day.

Tomorrow, a new adventure.

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  1. Annette   •  

    I should read your blog more often. Slow day at the office even though we have a site launch in t-minus 4 hours or something like that.

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