25 Things a la Facebook

I had a feeling I might have done this before but for the life of me, I can’t find it on the blog.  I guess if I can’t remember, then it never really happened.

Since I got tagged bajillion times on Facebook for this, and for some reason I’m not even tired, here’s my random 25.

  1. I’m ambidextrous. Sort of. Think I was born a lefty but then was made to use my right hand.  I write with my right.  Shoot hoops and pick up heavy stuff with my left.  I bat left because as a lefty forced to play tennis right handed, my two handed backhand stroke was my strong point.
  2. I can’t float in water. I’ve been trying to learn, but I just can’t do it.
  3. The first movie I ever cried in was when Hooch died in Turner & Hooch.
  4. The latest movie I cried in was at the end of The Martian Child.
  5. I am an eighth Iranian.  Surprise!  My mom’s grandmother immigrated from Iran, as I found out from my family history.
  6. Lactose used to be my best friend. Now, more of a frenemy.  I can have a little, but too much and you can put me in the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade.
  7. My mom made me swear that I will never, ever do anything to my eyebrows.  “Your grandmother gave you that,” she said.  In the olden days, a royal tradition is to bless a newborn and “draw” their features with the dye made from a purple flower.  The belief is that the eyebrows will grow in the shape that was drawn.  (Then again, mom also over-plucked hers in her youth and regretted it.)  I don’t touch my eyebrows except to stem off unibrow.
  8. Brandon and I have never said a wedding vow or any of the “For better or for worse” crap.  We got married traditional Thai way–there was no vow.
  9. I have a poster of Emily the Strange signed by her senior illustrator Nix Turner.
  10. I still have the trusty clothespin I used all semester of Cinematography class.  Love that clothespin. It holds EVERYTHING.
  11. Don’t tell anybody but I think occasionally I still have the hots for Tom Cruise. One never quite outgrows her first celebrity obsession.
  12. Lily is the only close friend who is shorter than me.
  13. I was the longest reigning shortest girl in class since kindergarten until I inched out the other shorty in 6th grade.  Then that girl left school so I was the shortest one through 10th grade.  When I came back from the U.S. after 11th grade, I outgrew Lily and therefore lost my title.
  14. I own a pair of figure skates.  Yes, Thailand DID (still do?) have an ice rink.  My 4th grade, rich BFF wanted a pair of hockey skates but her mom bought her figure.  Guess who had the same size feet?  I still have them in a closet back home.
  15. I own a pair of roller skates.  Right here in my closet.
  16. I read on the throne.  My dad sets quite an example.
  17. I went to a 10-day meditation retreat once.  Once was enough for me.  I learned a lot.
  18. My motion sickness is legendary.  I can’t get on a hammock.  Sometimes not even a swing.  Can’t spin me around on an office chair either.  I also get motion sick from a movement of the crowd–found that out from the meditation camp as I constantly got nauseated at walking meditation.  That’s why I don’t really like crowds.
  19. I had written a parody of the classic Thai epic poem “Pra Apai Manee”–in the same poetry format and of an epic proportion for a school girl.  Twenty some pages long.
  20. I once considered becoming a wicca in college.  Got a friend who was one and gave me all the books.  Freaked Nora out when I told her.  Didn’t quite get into it.
  21. I was asked to join my school’s Saturday art camp (2nd-3rd grade, I think?) because I had potentials, but was asked to not return after a couple of weeks in because I sucked.  Joy was in that too.
  22. Joy’s art from the camp made it to be printed on the school’s fundraising bookmarks accompanied by my slogan.  Take that, art teacher!
  23. I wanted to be the first Thai doctor to become a NASA astronaut who will also become a magazine editor once she retires from space missions.
  24. As far as I know, I was the only person in my entire school to have subscription to a science magazine. (Then again, back then, there was only one.)
  25. As far as I know, I am the only person in my circle of friends here and back home who has ever seen/remembered Animalympics.

But hey, we can remedy #25 now!  Someone digitized the whole thing in 9 sections.  Start here!



  1. Amy   •  

    HA! #1– re tennis and two handed backhand stroke– ME TOO. Was just talking to a friend about that tonight as a matter of fact and he was perplexed by the concept. Now I can tell him I am not the only one!

  2. Nan   •  

    #23. That was what *I* wanted to do when I grew up! Maybe not the magazine editor party, but the doctor/astronaut thing was me when I was in grade school.

  3. erin   •  

    #3 – hooch died?!?!?! spoiler! (jk. i’ve seen the movie)
    #14 – please don’t tell me you still have the same size feet as when you were in 4th grade. i’m sure they have goodwill or some equivalent in thailand. give those things away!

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