Port of Love

Long Beach Tweet Up group led by @DaNanner (aka Annette), with the help of @LBMatt outdid ourselves today with the photo walkabout at the Port of Long Beach.  Well, Matt got us interested with the Port’s photo contest.  And then as the Tweet Up started to take shape, he got his boss involved.

And here we were this morning at the Port Authority building, getting access to the rooftop and driven down winding and confusing roads around the port in the POLB vans to take great photos.

Of course, the AWESOME group of people we hung out with for two hours made everything worthwhile.  @killregrets, @phraktyl and phraklet, @agentjon, @niecee, and a couple of Matt’s friends.

I’m sure other people probably took better pictures than us, but I got a few good ones.

And here’s one from Brandon’s camera.  One guess as to who started this…

POLB - Brandon

After all of that, Annette joined Brandon and I and Olaina and Justin for lunch at Thai Nakorn. We laughed our heads off and ate ourselves silly.

The reason of my vegging out for the rest of the afternoon until I was able to crawl to the computer to geek out just a couple of hours ago.

Tomorrow? Watchmen with Lee.

This weekend is just too much fun already!

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