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Just got back from seeing Watchmen with Brandon and Lee.  Lee, who is a big fan of the graphic novel, gave it a 4 out of 5.  She said if we liked this, we definitely have to get the book, which we intend to do just that.

Wow. What a revelation!  It was stylized just enough. Violent in all the necessary places.  I might need to talk to somebody about my mental state because Rorschach is definitely my hero now.

Trailers were also massively awesome.  Possibly the best line up of trailers: Wolverine, Star Trek, Terminator, and, for some of us, Angels & Demons.  We’ll forget that they tarnished this almost-perfect line-up with that number movie with Nick Cage and yet another mall cop comedy. Whatever.

Oh, and I will also need some therapy having that much blue, um, well, er, “twig” swung around in my face.  Is it weird for me to wonder where Dr. Manhattan might have put his, um, well, er, “berries?”  Was he cold walking around naked all the time that causes some, um, well, er, shrinkage?

/wipes mental image of 50 feet of blue…GAHHHH!!!

For those who have seen the movie/read the novel, I have a couple of treats for you, courtesy of my beloved LA Time’s Hero Complex Blog.  Those who haven’t seen the movie/read the novel, it’ll still be funny.  But come back to watch all of these AFTER the movie/novel, and it’ll be a LOT funnier.

First, as Hero Complex names it, Attack of the Show Takes On Lower Manhattan.

Sorry to put that giant blue, um, well, er, pole, back in your mind.  You can clear that out with this kids-friendly Saturday Morning Watchmen.


Speaking of kids-friendly, what kind of a fucked up mother would step up to buy tickets to the Watchmen with a 5-year-old and a toddler in a stroller?

Seriously, lady.  It’s rated R.  Clearly, you have no idea.  But guess who will be kicking herself later when her 5-year-old asked what the Night Owl and the Silk Spectre were doing and you will be waken up on the middle of the night by your two children screaming when Rorschach’s actions revisit them in their dreams.  Good job scarring your children for life , dumb ass.


  1. Mike   •  

    I remember a 7 year old telling me about how he liked the movie Predator. One of my 4 year old patients loves Transformers, and not the Saturday morning cartoon, but the crazy Michael Bay movie. There ought to be some kind of rating system that prevents little kids from seeing these movies. :p

  2. Chino   •  

    I happened to stumble on your blog today…hilarious! I hate it when parents take their kids to inappropriate movies. Uh…you only have to wait a few months to watch it on DVD if you want to see it so bad.

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