Running Ragged

Funniest quote of the weekend:

We rode the Passport bus to the Grand Prix and back from Alamitos Bay.  Somewhere by the Bluff on our way back, we spotted a couple of ladies walking down the street holding hands.

The woman in front of us turned her head completely, pointing at the couple, excitedly telling her friend, “Oh my GOD! Girl, look! Look!  Lesbians holding hands!”

The friend wore a Lakers hat and she didn’t really turn her head to look back, so I could only assume she’s local.

I live in a diverse existance and I am an openminded person.  Sometime I really do forget there are folks out there who might have never seen a gay couple in their lives.

But pointing and gasping at lesbians holding hands? Really?  I mean, what are you on a safari trip, pointing out exotic creatures?

Sure, curiousity is one thing. But so openly pointed some PEOPLE out as if they were novelty creatures, that’s just rude.

But anyways. I digress.

Hi.  How are ya?  ;-D

It’s been an interesting few days.

I’ve gone from a mother hen in the cooking class on Wednesday.

To a blob of exhaustion on Thursday, sleeping off my usual post-stress system crash for most of the day, just to drag myself out to my bus buddy’s retirement party in the evening.

To an IT guy on Friday, hunting down missing softwares and install them on my own new computer. Our actual IT guy popped in here and there to log me in as admin so I can install stuff my(goddamn)self.

To a social butterfly on Saturday, going out to see Sunshine Cleaning with Amanda, then we met up with our hubbies for dinner at Long Beach’s only Korean restaurant, Cafe Sura, THEN we met up with our friend Zak who introduced us to his lovely fiance down in Belmont Shore.  (By the way, Belmont Station? Seriously? That place is dumpy compared to everyone else on the strip.)

To a overheating Long Beach Grand Prix attendee on Sunday.  It started with a great party at Keesal, Young & Logan to which I was privileged to get invited, then we went to the Grand Prix itself.  I still don’t understand the appeal of really fast cars going around the tracks 85 times.  But at least Formula 1 cars are not just going around in big circles.  I probably took over 200 pictures, only 4 of which I actually caught the damn cars.  I’ll put those pictures up soon.

It’s been kind of busy but in a good way, really.  How’s your weekend?

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