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I’ve told you about the 2010 Baby Boom with all the friends and their babies coming in this year.  But I don’t think there are enough babies to go around for Easter…

Questionable food network programing.

On that note, the Boom has begun:

March 19: Zachary arrived a little early for J.C. & Erick and Big Brother Joshua.
March 24: Chloe arrived a little late for Aurora & James and Big Brother Dresden.
March 25: Conor arrived on cue for Irena & Danny, first time parents!

Next up…

April 17: a girl, first for Lynda & Sean
May 27: a girl, first for Olaina & Justin
July 3: Eva & Ricky’s 3rd.
Mid July: Brenda & Jon’s first baby.
September: Doe & Wyatt, first baby for the couple, a new sibling for Big Brother Eli.

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  1. Rene   •  

    Hi, I would love to use that Food Network programming photo on the L.A. Times Food blog — could I do that, if I link back to your blog and include a credit? I am on Twitter @renelynch and my work email is rene.lynch@latimes.com

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