Fictional Entanglement

I’m sure some college students everywhere have written papers on the dynamic of a love triangle in literature and pop culture.  I haven’t really thought about it all that much until recently.

Two girls fighting over one guy, it’s always some trashy cat fight.  But when two boys fight over one girl, it’s romantic.

Interesting, right?

Well, obviously the whole Twilight thing with vampire Edward and werewolf Jacob fighting over Bella. Girls and their mothers swoon.  (As you know I’m Team Jacob for a few reasons and more reasons). But a wealth of triangles in the show I’ve watched recently has brought the whole thing to my attention.

Over on the other vampire spectrum, I’ve just finished True Blood Season 2 on DVD.  Sookie and Bill are obviously committed to each other, but that doesn’t stop Eric from making his moves on her…including moves to get rid of Bill altogether. (Note: I’m watching True Blood on DVD so I’ve just finished Season 2 now and switched to Team Eric. Don’t tell me anything!)

Over in the land of Castle, Kate Beckett and Richard Castle obviously have the hots for each other but nobody made the move. At some point she started seeing the other guy. So, yep. 2 boys fighting over her there for a few episodes.  Frankly, I’d have Nathan Fillion and Michael Trucco fight over me any day.

I’ve started watching SyFy’s Haven. FBI Agent Audrey came to town and immediately got two hottest boys in town wrapped around her fingers. Her partner Nathan and the bad boy Duke already had some bad blood going but now they fight over her too.  While Nathan quietly goes about admiring Audrey, Duke makes his intentions very clear.  In this fight, Eric Balfour’s Duke wins by a landslide.

Then, of course, Jane Austen’s novels.  Well, not really a triangle but there’s always a girl and a flashy handsome boy who have seemingly fallen in love but there’s always another guy in the wing waiting to come in to be with her after the flashy bastard breaks her heart.  A guy who would lay his life on the line for her even if she doesn’t love him…yet.

And looking back even more: Sleepless in Seattle has an engaged Annie falling for Sam, Love Actually has Mark quietly in love with just married Juliet, Battlestar Galatica has everyone nice and tangled but most importantly Kara/Sam/Lee, and, of course, Pretty in Pink Ducky watches Andy goes off with Blane in the end.

What is it that make these girls so special that boys would move the earth for them?

Well, I guess being pretty to start with doesn’t hurt anybody.  I’m sure hot chicks have that dilemma all the time.  A pretty girl walks in the room and at least 5 guys are already interested. How many after that would really go the distance?  I don’t know, but I’m sure it’s a good start.

Many of us don’t have to worry about that.  Heck, many of us already have trouble landing A man. LOL.

But what is it with the love triangle that intrigued us girls so much?  Is it because we all wanted to be desired?  If you can make one guy falls in love with you, then more power to you if you can have two?  One must be an incredible person and more than likely gorgeous to be worthy of the love of two men, so we all want to be like that?

Hell. I don’t know.  I for one don’t understand the logic, but that doesn’t stop me from swooning over these stories.

Hey, I’m a girl too, the last time I checked.

Is there a point to this post? I don’t know. I guess I’m just fascinated with this whole girl-based love triangle deal and didn’t quite realized we’re surrounded by it in fiction.

Does this happen in real life? I don’t think I’ve ever heard of such story.

But I guess that’s what make it even more fascinating to us all.


  1. Catalina   •  

    You just reminded me of Seinfeld- no point in particular. LOL! I think as girls some women grow up romanticizing men fighting to be with them. It’s their machismo that gets us to swoon. Well, at least for me it did. It may be even deeper than that. You have me thinking painfully back to my biology class. Perhaps that desire to have men fight over a woman goes back to the biological need for a woman to have strong sperms to fertilize her one egg. LOL! I can’t say that without laughing. Anyhow, who really nows?

  2. Annette   •  

    Not only does she have to be pretty, but she has to have some quality worth fighting over, like Beckett, not only pretty, but smart, independent, and lots of background to make Castle want to figure her out (season starts Monday!!!)

    I never did like Austen novels and really can’t comment on the Vampire stuff since I don’t watch/read it.

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