Ghirardelli Intense Dark Pairings

While I *am* indeed the official partner of Ghirardelli and a hostess to the upcoming Ghirardelli Intense Dark Pairings event for the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, there was a glitch in promotion and folks are being sent here to OakMonster HQ for information on the event instead of to where all the coverage of the event will be. Click on the banner on right or…

Click here and head on over to now!

Get the information on the event and see how you can get on my invite list.

Ah. The woes of having an internet empire. 😉

Disclosure: Posts on the blog and twitter about the Ghirardelli Intense Dark Pairings event are based on an advertising relationship. I have been paid to host and promote the Intense Dark Pairings event for Ghirardelli. However, the opinion about the products are all mine.

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