One Year Shy of Three Cycles


In the western world, you celebrate Sweet 16, your becoming legal at 18, your legally drinking age at 21, and then when you turn 30, 35, 40, 45 and what not.

Us Thais, we traditionally celebrate every 12 years.  It’s a complete cycle in the Chinese zodiac.

These years are supposed to be your milestones in life. At 12, you’re not little kid any more–you’re becoming a teenager.  At 24, you’re now becoming a responsible adult. At 36, you’ve got stuff to show for now that you’ve been an adult awhile. At 48 and onward, you’re just celebrating having been around the blocks so long. 😉

As of today, I’m a year shy from my 3rd cycle. And all I have to show for is a closet full of t-shirts, a messy home office, and a growing–but awesome–sci-fi-related costume collection.


I am the TARDIS!

I wrote on Facebook a few days ago that I’m not where I thought I would be at this point in my life.

I mean having a full-time job, living in our own place, raising a couple of cats, and reminiscing about the epic trip to Italy.

Instead, I’m working on a freelance contract at the dream company, living in a cozy apartment in a great neighborhood, occasionally hanging out with a neighbor’s cat, and reminiscing about the New Zealand trip we took after I lost my job in April.

It’s not all according to plan, but it ain’t a bad detour.

But that is life’s best gift right there. The surprises. The new experiences. The friends you meet along the way.  And wisdom that comes with age does come in handy sometimes.

The gray hair, though, is getting ridiculous…


  1. Phraktyl   •  

    According to this timeline, many would agree I’ve never made it past that second cycle mark. :/

  2. Ken C.   •  

    Wow..That’s quite the costume! I for one DO BELIEVE that you are, indeed, the TARDIS. Not to worry about the errant gray hair(s)…folks will be flash-blinded by your [police call box] “head” light [which is an inspired touch, by the way].

    As the embodiment of the TARDIS [both a time machine & a space ship, right?], you are exactly WHEN you should be, and exactly WHERE you should be.

    Regards from Ken C.

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