Day 8: Still Not Jabba the Hutt - Socialite Martini and USC Alumni Club of LA Beach Cities

5 Thoughts

  • The hardest part about logging my food is not knowing the exact portion of anything. For all I know, that piece of beef jerky could be only half ounce. But what do I know? Let’s put in a full ounce. How do people usually do this? Is there a portable scale they carry around that I don’t know about? Anyways, I think I might have over/under-calculated some items. But I know for a fact that…
  • …eating out could really wreck your diet. There are healthy options, sure. I looked at it and I was like, seriously? I’m DINING OUT. I shouldn’t just get a salad.  So far the meals that would ruin my calorie limits have all been at restaurants.
  • Usually, I’m very good at portion control. There’s a lot of eating leftovers in my life. Well, except for tonight when I broke down and ate all three sliders at Sababa. Whoops.#hangry
  • Oh, and their Socialite martini is just wonderful. Just give me a bucket of that and leave me alone for the weekend.
  • I desperately need to go grocery shopping and get more fruits and vegetables.

Today’s Photo

A Socialite martini before we chat with the possible future USC Alumni Club of LA Beach Cities board members.

Weight: 112.

Up a pound since last week. Or 2 lbs. since last Friday. Whatever. I’m not yet Jabba the Hutt after a week of this. I think I can make it work.


The last little bit of the pasta salad from yesterday’s lunch.

Second Breakfast

Baby carrots and celery from yesterday too.


A piece of Krave Lime Chile Beef Jerky.


Leftover from last night’s dinner at Naples Rib Company: about 5 oz. of the prime rib, steamed vegetables, and about 2/3 of the other half of the baked potato. And lots of horseradish cream. I love that stuff.

Afternoon Tea

Nature Valley Trail Mix Dark Chocolate & Nut bar.


Three spiced sliders (beef patties on Hawaiian buns, remnants of onions and peppers, and Sababa roasted pepper sauce) and a Socialite Martini.


A handful of Gold Fish crackers.


For those who just now joined in, here’s why I’m going on “The Hobbit Diet” of eating seven times a day for a month.

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