Day 12: Carbs Are Friends - Mycroft and Sherlock, my guardian unicorns

5 Thoughts

  • God I’m tired.
  • A horrible allergies that started up right before bed demanded Nyquil. My nose seems to know when the Santa Ana wind is coming.
  • I think Nyquil + all the booze I had at the Faire might have made my sleep all kinds of wonky, that’s why I’m so tired after 9 hours of sleep. Quantity is so not quantity this night.
  • My body demands that I have carbs. I crave carbs. All kinds of carbs. Must have carbs.
  • The Santa Ana wind is blowing again, interfering with my bike commute plan and hurting my sinus. I’m already hating this week.

Today’s Photo

The rainbow unicorn Mycroft, protector of my desk, has acquired a brother today. Say hello to the purple Sherlock!


Fage Fruyo Strawberry with granola.

Yay for granola!

Second Breakfast

A handful of baby carrots and 3 thin slices of Black Forest Ham.


The usual: stone ground wheat crackers and a slice of Laughing Cow cheese.

Effectively stopped myself from eating more than 2 crackers. I knew I had pasta coming. Carbs…I want carbs!


Last bit of that fettuccine alfredo from Friday.

This is why for the most parts, eating out really is a bargain for me. I can get 2-4 meals out of one!

Afternoon Tea

Half of the dark chocolate raspberry KIND bar with protein.

Not bad, but not my favorite. Still many more to try.


Leftover homemade beef stroganoff with egg noodles. LOTS of egg noodles…


Strawberries my CEO picked from a recent farm visit. Delicious!


For those who just now joined in, here’s why I’m going on “The Hobbit Diet” of eating seven times a day for a month.

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