Note on the Super Bowl

Hi gang. I’m buzzed off of my friend Jon’s home brewed yummy Chocolate Port and highly addictive Hard Cider. (John – I will sell my soul to you as long as you keep making them Hard Cider!) Lots and lots and lots of food served. I can’t even begin to discuss the yummy brats, wings, dips, and much much more.

And my favorite commercial of the evening? I’m going to make me one of the ring binder helmet at work!

Here are the highlights of the conversations going on during the game that I managed to remember…

Prince of Our Hearts

Lupe and I screamed our lungs off at the big screen during Prince. (Oh, I bow before thee, Prince!) Well, Lupe more than me at one point.

Me: Quick, Lupe! Throw him your panties!

James got up and pretend to get to his panti…I mean, underwear…

Lupe: But my panties would stick on the TV…

Prince of Our Hearts II

During “Purple Rain”, Prince broke into a guitar solo with his Symbol guitar. A giant screen was raised in a sense by the wind and it was back lit. Prince’s shadow is casted onto the screen. And I couldn’t resist making some comments.

#1: Wow. Prince is suddenly as big as a normal person.

A few seconds later, his guitar certainly became, um, a part of his body in that shadow.

#2: Wait. How is THIS family friendly? Take that, Janet Jackson!

We did a re-run of the half time show after the game because Greg M. had missed it. When it came to the shadow play, I noticed something else.

#3: Hey. Actually, that guitar shadow now kind of look like the Rabbit…? Um…did I say that out loud just now? (KROQ’s Sex-U and Mazing Amy educated me well…)

No Beans for You

We were talking about food or something when Lupe told us about Paul’s likes and dislikes about food.

Lupe: Paul doesn’t like beans.

Heather (Greg B’s girlfriend…we just met tonight): Well, that IS a good thing.

Paul: Hey, Greg? Why did you…

Me: And lucky for us.

Paul: …bring her? HEY! Seriously! Why is SHE here? *Direct at me* And why are YOU here?

Me and Heather high-fived.

Oh them REALLY happy cows

The new “Happy Cows come from California” came on.

Me: Did the cows just sing, “We’re Californians and we’re gay”?

Greg M (who is gay): Well. Those gays. They’re just taking over the state.

Like A Hurricane

Brenda broke the hurricane lamp on the window sill. She was going to blow it out but somehow dropped and broke the glass.

Jon: Well, now we find out that the lamp is no good for the hurricane.

Good night, y’all!

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  1. James   •  

    panties are considered underwear… I wasn’t pretending, but don’t tell anyone 😉

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