My Boys Sunday

Sunday was all of about the boys.

Starting with this heartbreaker.


J.C. and Joshua are in town for the week.  I stole a few hours of their time to hang out with mom and kid.  I also provided my photography service by helping J.C. take some pictures of the little speedster and capture some videos for his dad.

Erick is a medical student with the military.  Instead of going through different departments in the same hospital for rotation, he is currently on rotation in different military medical centers all over the country.  He hasn’t seen Josh in a while, so I thought it would be nice to get him a few movie clips.

I also learned Josh language and taught him a few new things.  Josh was showing me his books and one of them have animals pictures with texture of their skins to go with it.  We made animal noises as we went along.  A cow print texture. Moo!  A fluffy cat. Mow-my! (That’s his meow.)  A fuzzy ducky.  Ack! (That’s a quack.)

“Now, Joshua.  What sounds does a …” Then I flipped to the next page.

Oh.  Crap.

“…gorilla make?”

I looked up at J.C.  She looked at me.  I looked at Josh who was looking to me for an answer.

“Um.  We’ll come back to that page.  Let’s see what’s next.”

Stumped by a children’s book.  I wonder how many parents faced such dilemma.

I did come back to the book later on and teach Josh to beat on his chest and go “Rawrrr” as the sound of the gorilla.  Close enough.

Josh also showed me where his and Mommy’s and my toes are.  Our fingers. Our belly buttons.  Our cheeks.  Our ears.  As we thought we were done, Josh walked over to J.C. and put his little hand on her chest.  We thought he needed to steady himself.

But then, he turned right over to me and put his hand on my boob too.

Ladies man in the making.  Seriously.
Later that afternoon, I went with Brandon and our Erik to Sports Chalet.  Erik needed to get his bike fixed and I needed a pair of roller skates.  Yes, kids.  I picked up the classic 4-wheel white boots roller skates.  With pink wheels.  My parking lot is big enough, and I can roll with Brandon on the bike sometimes.

Then we had dinner and saw Indiana Jones.  (You’ll have my full review soon.)  We discussed the movie and the franchise on the way home, mainly about the “magical items” of each of the movies.

“Except for Temple of Doom, they were all biblical, weren’t they, the artifacts?” said Erik.  “The Ark of the Covenant.  The Goblet of Truth.”

A moment of silent in the car.

“If by the Goblet of Truth, you meant the Holy Grail, then yes.” Brandon uttered.

Somebody is confusing his Christian mythology with Harry Potter’s 4th installment.

Continuing of me spending my weekend with the boys, Brandon and I vegged and watched the last DVD of Robin Hood, BBC series, Season 1.  I am also along for the ride as Brandon plays Dark Sector.  You’d be a amaze how a fresh pair of eyes could get you out of a maze/mission you couldn’t beat the first time around.  😉

I hope everyone is having as much of a great weekend as I am!

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    Hi this has nothing to do with the post but I wanted to let you know I have a new blog. It’s about a story I am writing thats based on a band. I use some things from growing up in Thailand and would appreciate and critism or correction you may have from also being someone familiar with Thailand. THanks.

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