Getting physical

Y’all, I once again bought a bike.

Townie fully loaded

This is my new baby, Electra Townie, souped up with a cargo rack, a makeshift cargo hold (container bin and bungee mesh), and, of course, a bell. Brandon also scored his new cross-country bike, replacing his undersized cheapy that’s been killing his back and, more importantly, his bad knee this whole time.

While Brandon’s purchase was planned as he’s taking the riding a bit more seriously now, it was a slightly impulsive buy for me. But I’m tired of being left behind when the boys go out to ride. Sure, they can do the rides on their own, but at least Brandon and I can do something together in addition to just playing games, watching movies, or driving around.

So, Brandon and I went on a test ride today to, where else, Fresh & Easy store. My goal is that I could ride there on my own to do some shopping before it gets dark. And eventually, we’ll ride all the way to James & Aurora’s house. And eventually after that, all the way to Seal Beach and back.

Finally, my “cousin” May (her mom is one of my mom’s best friends) is acclimating to Beijing. Her brother Nicky is blogging about it here. I will leave the link up for you on the right column through the entire Olympics.

My dad is all excited about the Olympics too. It’s always been big deal for us growing up, watching the coverage and sometimes live broadcast of the Olympics. The opening ceremony was never missed in our household, no matter what time it came on. The 2004 Olympics were especially good for Thailand, most medals ever won. I hope we repeat ourselves here. Come on, Paradorn. Bring us home some bronze, at least, bro!

And speaking of the games, does ANYONE know where we can watch the opening ceremony LIVE? NBC’s schedule shows that they will broadcast at prime time. But Beijing is 15 hours ahead of PST therefore that can’t possibly be live! If we want to see it live, then we should have to resort to the internet? Seriously, any lurkers with the knowledge, could you please de-lurk for the day and clue me in, I’d really appreciate it.

Well, at least I found out that USA channel will broadcast badminton live. At least we can try to catch May there.

Hope everyone’s weekend was great!


  1. Amy P.   •  

    What an interesting story with your cousin! I’m so glad May’s brother is blogging about it; I’ve never gotten any first-hand accounts as to what happens outside the competitions at Olympic games. Thank you so much for putting up the link and sharing that with us. When you find out when the badminton competitions are held, could you let us know? I’d love to watch May win that gold! (Hopefully not only on ESPN since I just have basic cable). Cute bike too, looks comfy.

  2. Amy @ The Q Family   •  

    That’s so neat to actually know the real Olympian. Thank you for sharing her journey. I read his blog and am so glad he blogs about it. Good luck to May!

    Love your bike. I’m thinking about getting one myself. Don’t know when yet..

  3. Penny   •  

    I love the bike, like one I would like. I inherited one this summer, but am waiting for some money to buy a child carrier for the bike so I can take my little one along.

    I like the Olympics link also. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Pookandhouse   •  

    Eletra Townie…..what a name!, 5555….cute, very cute name/color.

  5. MazingAmy   •  

    So is Fresh and Easy that good? A new one is opening up about a mile from me. Were it not, oh 190 outside, I’d buy a bike and ride over too! LOL

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