Hurt so good

I rode my bike to Seal Beach with Brandon. We rode from our house to Seal Beach and hopped on the San Gabriel River trail on our way there, but we decided to take Seal Beach Boulevard back because it was a lot easier and much shorter route. That’s 15-ish miles total with hills, y’all! And I didn’t die.

Well, except for a wall and an uneven road that tried to eat me.

On top of that good little hurt you get from a perfect work out, I have the following injuries which would give you a picture of what happened:

  1. Minor scrapes on my right hand…well, they didn’t bleed so I don’t know if that counts.
  2. Scrapes on my left hand.
  3. Scrapes on my left knee.
  4. Bruises (not showing yet…but they will) on my calves.
  5. Sore muscles on my right hip and knee.

Injury #1 occurred when I couldn’t turn left quite sharp enough after crossing the street onto the sidewalk and ran into a wall.

The rest came from a total spillage on my bike down the bike path. The little bike path was a paved 2 narrow lanes with gravels and dirt on each side. You’re either on the path or you’re on the dirt. The road wasn’t smoothed out on the edges.

I was following Brandon when, on his little cross country bike, hopped onto the dirt. Not wanting to do the same, I tried to correct myself but somehow verved the other direction and “fell off” the road into the dirt. And my front wheel was caught, sending my bike and me sideway onto the asphalt.

Fortunately, I wasn’t going very fast. I put my hand out to stop myself from the fall. And of course, my right leg was still on the bike when the whole thing came a tumbling. I think the hip and the knee got a bit overstretched.

Brandon patched me up and I toughed out the rest of the trip.

Now I suffer. But it was a great Sunday though.

How was yours?

P.S. One Olympic gold for a Thai lady powerhouse! Go team!

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