3960 and counting

 As of 15:45 PST, 3960 people around the world danced to Thriller at 11 a.m. PST.

That includes 114 of us Thrill the World Los Angeles at Hollywood & Highland this morning.


More of Brandon’s fantastic photography here. And the pool is here.

Did you see us on ABC 7 at 4:30 p.m.?  Oh yeah.  I got a full shimmying shot into the camera there.  Haha!

Also on KTLA 5 for a blip, however I don’t know where that lady got her 10,000 number from. It’s not even in the press release!

And here’s the brainchild of Mahdroo and Ines with the help of Kaleo Futuristo–the Thrill the World celebration song!


I was an incredible experience, y’all.  Ordinary people pulled together.  Most are not dancers but just joined in for the hell of it.  And here we are.

As the impromptu “publicist” of the group, I think I did okay.  I didn’t get us all the press we could, but we did pretty good for the first time out.

Marketing and publicizing (is that a word?) are similar yet totally different.  But I’ve learned a LOT.

For sure, I’ve learned that one can’t really dance and run the show at the same time.  LOL.  Maybe next year we’ll get a better group of Zombie Groupies to help out so we won’t have to run around so much on our own.

Mahdroo. You da man!  Amanda. The goddess!  And Ines, you little Torontoan dynamo we couldn’t have done all of this without!

And all the helpers too…I can’t possibly thank them all but I’ll do my best here.

Babette.  Baby!  My friend Lee.  Queen of All Waivers!  Jennifer and Randy with the Fresh & Easy pick up!  Oh yes, thank you F&E for your donation of water and granola bars for our hungry zombies!  Dawn the production manager. Girly you rule!  Angel, Adam Sevani’s agent, darling, you gave us the best Michael Jackson we could ask for.

And of course, my hubby who illegally parked at the loading zone so he didn’t miss out on the first dance, then took great pictures of the whole thing, helped with packing up, and bought me slushy lemonade afterward.  Kiss!

Nhien showed up as well as my long lost dot come friend Christine and her brand spanking new baby Owen.  OMG indeed.

After this? A bath. USC Football. And a nice long uninterrupted sleep.

Oh, and building the temp site for ThrilltheWorldLosAngeles.com so we can host video tomorrow.


  1. kitty   •  

    you are the most awesome person in the whole world!

    that’s for having the guts to do that and also for the scans!!

    thanks ka

  2. Robert   •  

    You are all mad. Quite mad.

    Looks like a lotta fun 🙂

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